Hospital volunteers provide a necessary service in hospitals. To land a position as a hospital volunteer, you need a resume that highlights your abilities, experience, and disposition. Your resume is the first impression most organizations will have of you. To get the hospital volunteer job you want, your resume needs to make a big impact, and we can help you market yourself effectively to volunteer managers.

A hospital volunteer helps relieve the burden on overworked medical professionals and performs non-medical tasks such as cleaning rooms, comforting patients, or filing paperwork. When writing your hospital volunteer resume, remember to note any licenses and accreditations you have earned. Because a hospital volunteer will meet with weak and sick people, employers will definitely want to know that you are personable, sensitive and patient-focused. Highlight these qualities by putting this information in a prominent place in your resume, so that organizations can see that you have the qualities that make a successful hospital volunteer.

Take a look at our hospital volunteer resume template for inspiration as you write your own resume.

hospital volunteer resume example


Hospital Volunteer Resume Questions

1. How should you structure your hospital volunteer resume?

Before you begin writing your resume, one of the most important aspects you must consider is how you will format it. To make the process simpler, there is a standard resume format that you should follow. This structure not only helps you strengthen your resume, but many employers expect to see it. Check out hospital volunteer resume sample to see how this format looks in use.

The opening of your resume should be a summary or resume objective to act as a hook. You then guide the reader forward quickly with a list of your skills in a qualification section. Next, create an experience section that is the longest and densest part of the document. Close your resume out with your education information.

2. How can you highlight team experience on a hospital volunteer resume?

In a hospital setting, the ability to work as part of a team is incredibly important. You can emphasize this attribute, as well as any other professional attribute, by incorporating it into as many different sections as possible. By repeating the information, you show that it is a priority for you. Our simple resume builder can help you emphasize your most hirable traits automatically to create the perfect resume. You can see also strong ways to describe team experience on the hospital volunteer resume sample.

3. How do you make a hospital volunteer resume for a first job?

The task of creating a resume becomes significantly harder if you have never held a job before. This is true of volunteer work as well. The key to creating an entry-level resume is realizing that you should reorganize the information.

You cannot emphasize the experience section because you do not have any experience to describe. Instead, shift focus to the qualification and education sections. Think about which experiences you have had that prepared you for this position, even if they were in a school setting.

4. How do you describe achievements on your hospital volunteer resume?

There are two different ways you can include achievement information on your resume. The first is to work it into your experience section. This strategy helps fill your experience section out and provides more information about each position. If you have never worked before and therefore do not have an experience section, or you have too many achievements to make listing them in this section appealing aesthetically, you can instead create a new section at the end of your resume.

5. Should you include references on a hospital volunteer resume?

In most cases, you should not include references on your resume. There are a few circumstances where it is appropriate, however. First of all, you should of course include them if the hiring manager requests them. Additionally, volunteer work is often more accepting of references than paid work. As a rule of thumb, though, you should instead focus on the rest of your resume. Use our hospital volunteer resume sample to strengthen your document.

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Resume Text



Susan Unilever


123 Fake Street City, State, Zip Code


Cell: 000-000-0000





Hospital Volunteer performs primarily non-medical tasks to relieve the burdens of the professional doctors and nurses. Cleans rooms, meets patients and files paperwork to ensure that the health care facility operates properly. Specializes in helping patients into and out of wheelchairs.





    • Kind


    • Patient


    • Friendly


    • Good singer


    • People-person


    • Lifts more than 200 pounds


  • Spoken and written communication skills




Work Experience


June 2006 to May 2007 Children’s Hospital of Purple Eggplant Oklahoma – City, State Hospital Volunteer


    • Completed non-medical tasks under supervision of medical staff.


    • Worked with 20 other volunteers to help relieve the stress of the doctors and nurses.


  • Filed patient records in the proper areas and performed general data entry tasks.


June 2007 to April 2011 Company Name – City, State Hospital Volunteer – Cleaned bathrooms, restocked soap and changed towels.


    • Visited average of 24 x patients per shift.


  • Distributed mail to patients.


May 2011 to June 2014 Company Name – City, State Hospital Volunteer


    • Helped create brochures to publicize various events for the hospital.


    • Made little heart cards to brighten the mood of patients.


  • Helped professional medical staff with any orders, needs and emergencies.





2005 Oklahoma Community College of Purple Eggplant, City, State Bachelors, Nursing