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The Perfect Resume Example: How to Use Keywords Effectively

Many organizations use software to eliminate irrelevant resumes from their application pools. If you want your resume to have a chance of getting noticed by an actual hiring manager, there are a few tricks you need to know. Review the following perfect resume example and accompanying guide to get started.

Perfect Resume Example


Job Description:

Seeking a marketing professional with at least five years of experience to oversee nationwide advertising campaign for Regal Clothing's new product line, Slick Stuff. Candidate will be responsible for managing inbound marketing and social media marketing platforms as well as motivating and managing staff members. Candidate should have experience using geomarketing software.


Helen Jones, 321-654-9876, helenjones34@gmail.com

Summary Statement:

Extroverted marketing professional with six years' experience managing advertising campaigns for national corporations. Constantly formulating innovative ways to incorporate social media marketing into the inbound marketing model. Dedicated to achieving goals of the team as a whole through effective problem-solving and dynamic leadership.


• Leadership and management expertise
• Proficiency in HubSpot, Marketo, and LocalVox
• Maintaining business social media accounts
• Pinpointing needs of diverse populations


Salty Chip Company, 2013-2016. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. New Product Marketing Manager.
• Oversaw nationwide advertising campaigns for major product lines, including Super Chips, Crunch Supremes, Dippin' Chips, and Mega Munchers.
• Authored company blogs and social media outlets to generate customer following.
• Tailored advertisements to different geographic locations using geomarketing software.
• Organized local and national events to build customer loyalty.
• Doubled profits for division between 2014 and 2016.

Ransom Solutions, 2010-2013. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Marketing Staff.
• Pioneered use of company social media accounts, building average follower base of 30,000 per outlet.
• Decreased inbound marketing costs by 15%.
• Collaborated with teammates to create unique ways of marketing machine components.
• Facilitated focus groups to understand needs of Northeast customer base.


Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University, 2006-2010. B.A. in Marketing.

What to Notice in a Perfect Resume Example: How to Use Keywords Effectively

Larger companies tend to receive a high volume of job applications. These applicants are often completely unqualified for the positions they apply to, and companies do not want to waste time filtering through each resume. Instead, they use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter out resumes that do not make use of keywords. The remaining resumes are then sent to a hiring manager for further review.

In the perfect resume example above, Helen uses the job description to make educated guesses about what keywords a potential ATS would be looking for. Some of the words that are unique to the industry and the position are "marketing professional," "social media marketing," "inbound marketing," "advertising campaigns," and "geomarketing software." Helen is able to use these keywords to describe her skills and experience, so she distributes them throughout her resume.

It is important to note that no keyword is used more than twice in the perfect resume example. When a keyword is used too often, it is a cue to the ATS that the applicant is trying to force the software to notice. Finally, it is critical that all keywords are spelled exactly the same as they are in the job description.

Perfect Resume Example: At a Glance

• Do: Pull words from the job description that are specific to the industry or position and incorporate them into your resume as keywords.
• Don't: Overuse keywords, as this will appear unnatural to the ATS.
• Do: Spell keywords the same way they are spelled in the job description.
• Do: Use keywords throughout the resume, rather than crowding them into one section.

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