Actor Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Cover letters are a vital part of any job application, as they give you a chance to personalize your application more than can be done in a resume. You get to show a bit more of who you are, as well as give specific examples of how you fit the employer’s needs.Using a free actor cover letter sample like the one here is a smart way to get your creative juices flowing, as well as to help you make sure that you have included everything you need to. Along with the letter itself, you’ll find some additional tips to help you on your way.

Dear Ms. Berry,

I’m writing in response to the acting position advertised for your community theater group. It sounds like the perfect fit for my experience and just what I’ve been looking for to grow further as an actor as well.

My whole life I’ve been around theater and had various roles along the way. Growing up in a small town in upstate New York, I’ve had the opportunity to play a variety of parts, including dramatic, comedic, and romantic leads across many genres. I enjoy the versatility that community theater can offer and I like the challenge of switching from one type of role to another.

A highlight of my career thus far was having a major critic from Broadway in the audience. His coming around backstage afterward helped to give me the push to look for larger spotlights. While I’ve had vast experience in the past, it’s time to take that to a larger community, such as the one where you are based.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you in person so we can discuss further how I would be a great fit into your troupe. Thanks so much for your consideration.

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What to Include in an Actor Cover Letter

As you will have noted in the free actor cover letter sample above, it’s important to mention your skills and how they fit with the position being offered. While you don’t want to repeat your resume, you want to highlight items of note.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Cover letters need to be specific to the job opening. There are some skills that are important for all actors, and examples of your aptitude in these areas can be inserted into the free actor cover letter sample above.

● Creativity: An actor needs to be creative, finding engaging ways to express what sometimes may be old ideas or standard roles.
● Perseverance: There are usually a lot of applicants for each role, so actors need to show perseverance and not give up in order to reach their goals.
● Communication: Command of one’s voice and being able to get points across in a well-spoken manner are key for these positions.
● Memory: An actor cannot perform the work without being able to memorize lines well.