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Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: August 09, 2022
  • 30% higher chance of getting a job‡
  • 42% higher response rate from recruiters‡

Working as a TV production assistant is the first step on the ladder for a career in the television industry. You need to be able to think on your feet and perform any task that comes your way. You’re sure to be a star for any hiring manager with a resume that works as hard as you do!

Production assistants are often portrayed in movies as frantic, coffee-fetching lackeys, but they actually do much more. If you’re looking to work in this field, your resume should demonstrate three key abilities: flexibility, adaptability, and reliability. Part of your job duties may be clerical in nature, like making copies of scripts or completing requisition orders. Highlight any relevant experience you have in these areas, as well as a willingness to learn.

Use our TV production assistant resume templates to soar above the competition and get hired in this exciting industry.

tv production assistant resume example


TV Production Assistant Resume Questions

1. How do you write an objective statement for a TV production assistant resume?

Rather than a resume objective, you should focus on a summary of qualifications. Objective statements are no longer used save for in limited instances, such as for entry-level candidates seeking their first job. Even then, an objective would blend what the candidate seeks with the candidate’s strongest talents.

For more senior jobseekers, instead deliver a summary statement that presents a clear value proposition. Reference our TV production assistant resume sample for an example, but in general your summary should describe your greatest strengths in impactful language. Keep your summary to no more than three sentences, and align it with the needs of your target jobs.

2. How should you present software knowledge on a TV production assistant resume?

When working in television production, you’re often required to know a number of complex technical skills involving both production and editing software and television filming and production hardware. In-depth knowledge of those abilities is essential to an assistant role, meaning you need to show hands-on expertise in your resume.

While you can include a technical skills section or add software knowledge to your searchable list of skill keywords, one of the best ways to show your skills is to demonstrate them in your work history. Discuss how you used these skills in your job descriptions, and show how you applied this knowledge throughout your career.

3. What format should your TV production assistant resume be in?

When choosing style versus substance for your resume format, sometimes it’s best to straddle the line in between. You can use a clean, modern format that showcases your skills and history without overcomplicating. The visual landscape of your resume should be neatly structured, with simple sans serif resume fonts and minimal use of color to add a touch of design elegance without distracting from the content. For an example of a great, simplified format and structure, take a look at our TV production assistant resume sample.

4. How do you make a TV production assistant resume with no experience?

Lack of experience shouldn’t scare you away from writing a great resume. You can still deliver excellent content by focusing on your soft skills and any transferable skills you learned in other occupations, even after-school jobs or unrelated fields. What matters is finding skills that are useful in television production. For instance, if you worked your way through school as an administrative assistant you can call on skills in project management and organization.

You can also spotlight academic achievements. When in doubt, look to strengthen your summary. If you still need help, try our resume builder to create a customized resume suited to your needs.

5. How do you write the header of a TV production assistant resume?

You don’t need to complicate your header. Take a look at the header of our TV production assistant resume sample; it’s just the jobseeker’s name and contact information. How you style the text is up to you, though it should remain consistent with the styling of the rest of your resume. Double-check your phone number and email for accuracy, and make sure you include at least your city and state, even if you don’t list your entire address.

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Resume Text


Wendy Twain

123 Fake Street

City, State, Zip Code

Cell: 000-000-0000




Versatile TV Production Assistant who has worked in a wide variety of broadcast genres, including live news broadcasts. Adept at managing several tasks simultaneously, following precise instructions and understanding broadcast procedures. Specializes in studio and field work.





    • Extensive experience with sound and lighting equipment


    • Not above running errands for talent


    • Reliable employee who will always get the job done


    • Very strong computer skills


    • Excellent driving record


  • Certified in CPR and first aid




Work Experience

March 2012 to February 2015 KJYR-TV – City, State TV Production Assistant

    • Worked with sound crew to set and maintain sound equipment.


    • One of only three production assistants taken on every field report and field shoot that was done.


  • Became proficient in being able to point and maintain lighting equipment.

June 2006 to March 2012 KYVE-TV – City, State TV Production Assistant

    • Often acted as an extra when the station would do holiday commercials for upcoming events.


    • Responsible for distributing scripts and making sure that all script changes were distributed as well.


  • Often asked to be part of the crew that would remodel the news broadcast area each year.

June 1997 to June 2006 Company Name – City, State TV Production Assistant

    • Acted as the production assistant working directly for the evening local news anchor.


    • Assisted in moving and maintaining studio lighting equipment.


  • Worked the annual children’s hospital telethon which mean a 24-hour shift done as a volunteer.





1997 Theolt Community College, City, State Associate’s Degree, Broadcasting