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Last Updated: September 15, 2023
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Whether a micro wedding or a massive corporate event, you master the logistics of event planning. With skills like customer service, marketing and time management, your events flow seamlessly for its intended audience. It’s time to write a cover letter to take the next step in your event planning career. 

We’ll help you create an effective cover letter to match your CV or resume. Find inspiration in our cover letter examples, CV examples and resume examples to get started.

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Use our cover letter examples as inspiration to write a perfect cover letter with our Cover Letter Builder. We guide you through each section of your cover letter and provide expert phrases you can include in just a few clicks.

Event planning cover letter FAQ

1. What are some common skills required for event planning jobs?

In the event planning industry, hiring managers look for applicants with a mix of soft and hard skills, for example:

  • Vendor management
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Event design
  • Venue selection
  • Budget management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Attention to detail
  • Empathy
  • Foreign languages and level of proficiency
  • Cultural competence

2. What’s the ideal format for an event planning cover letter?

An event planning cover letter format is the same as a professional business letter format, which includes a header, salutation and closing. The body paragraphs are divided in: 

  • Compelling introduction 
  • Body paragraph explaining what you bring to the table 
  • Closing paragraph with a thank you and a call to action  

Use action verbs and keywords from the job description to write the body of the letter. Make the writing process easier by using a professionally designed cover letter template and our Cover Letter Builder.

3. What qualifications and certifications do employers look for in the event planning industry?

Qualifications vary depending on the employer and state. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the typical minimum qualification is a bachelor’s degree. 

Depending on the career path, you can choose certifications to specialize your line of work to commercial events, corporate events, conventions and private events. For example, Certified Exhibition Manager (CEM), Digital Event Strategist (DES) and Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP), among others.

4. What is the outlook for employment in the event planning industry?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, event planning occupations are projected to grow 18% during this decade, with 16,600 job openings each year.

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