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Order Selector Cover Letter Example + Tips

Many people use the same cover letter for each job they apply for, even if the jobs are completely different. That is a huge mistake because you always want your letter to be tailored to each job you apply for so that you can show each employer that you have the exact skills to succeed. If you are uncertain how to accomplish this, then read this free order selector cover letter sample to spark your inspiration. This sample is accompanied by a few tips afterward.

Dear Mr. Zapata,

Food-CA Distributing has a lot to offer me as an individual, but I believe I also have a lot to offer your company. With my years of experience working in a warehouse, I have gained all the traits you are looking for in a new order selector.

A keen eye for detail is crucial in this line of work. You have stated that you have over 500 products that need to be labeled correctly. At my last job, we would sometimes have an excess of 600 products in the warehouse, and in my five years of working with them, nothing was ever mislabeled.

Part of ensuring a smooth workforce involves making sure the right products are at the right docks. In order to improve efficiency, I believe implementing a double-checking system is ideal. This involves reviewing the labels of a product before bringing the forklift in to move the item, and then reviewing the items when they are at their proper dock. This ensures everything runs smoothly, and my last staff rarely fell behind on our responsibilities.

I believe I am a great fit for the open position you have available, and I would love the opportunity to discuss my background in greater detail. Thank you for taking the time to read through my application.

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What to Include in an Order Selector Cover Letter

An effective cover letter, much like this free order selector cover letter sample, needs to be short, addressed to someone specific, and sent as a PDF. Certain phrases such as “solution-provider” or “original thinker” have become clichés in cover letters, so avoid them. There is no need to talk about your references in your cover letter, either. Do not start your letter with the phrase, “My name is [your name]” because you will sound inexperienced. Lastly, end strongly by expressing your appreciation.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The skills brought up in this free order selector cover letter sample are relevant to the position of order selector. Here are a few others that would be good to mention for this industry.

● Physical strength: You will be on your feet all day lifting items, so you should be in good shape.
● Hand-eye coordination: Your job will likely require you to operate heavy machinery, which requires you to be mindful and safe.
● Carefulness: Products in a warehouse need to be handled with care so they do not break before arriving at their destinations.
● Leadership: Regardless of what your position level will be, you need to make sure everyone in the nearby vicinity is working safely.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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