Maintenance Manager Cover Letter Example + Tips

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When applying for a job, cover letters are more important than a way of introducing yourself; they give prospective employers a chance to get to you know you better as you can be more personal than in a resume. Cover letters give you the opportunity to show how not just your experience, but your personality is a good fit.A good way to get started is by using a free maintenance manager cover letter sample as a guide. Used along with these writing tips, it helps you to make sure you’ve included everything necessary your cover letter.

Dear Mr. Brooks,

I am writing in response to your advertisement seeking a maintenance manager for the Turing Company. Having worked in a similar position for the last five years, I am sure I have the right set of skills for the job.

I started out on the ground floor, working as a maintenance technician. While I always enjoyed working with my hands, I decided to put myself through a management program at night to get the skills necessary to advance within the company. I’ve found that having started from the bottom myself, it’s easy for me to communicate with my staff in a way to which they respond positively.

Within my current position, I solve problems between upper management and staff in a way that avoids costly solutions but keeps everyone happy. I’m able to do so without causing a drop in productivity or efficiency so that work continues as normal without anyone being adversely affected. I believe my experiences here can be translated easily to working for a larger company such as yours.

I look forward to meeting with you in person to see how I can fit in with your team. Thank you for your time.

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What to Include in a Maintenance Manager Cover Letter

Using the free maintenance manager cover letter sample to guide you, you can work with your own experience to show how you are a good fit for the advertised job. Rather than repeating exactly what’s on your resume, give some specific instances from past employment that show your skills and personality. Always thank the person for her or his time.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

As you use the free maintenance manager cover letter sample as a template, modify it to show how your personal experience fits the specific job advertised. Here are some of the skills you may want to include within it:

● Maintenance Ability: In order to manage maintenance workers, you need to know how to do the job yourself.
● Interpersonal Skills: A maintenance manager is a bridge between the workers, upper management, and clients, and the manager needs to communicate well with all.
● Time Management: Not only the manager’s time, but also the staff’s time needs to be organized well to properly prioritize and complete jobs.
● Leadership: Management requires the ability to direct staff in a way that ensures efficient and productive performance by all.