Maintenance Worker Cover Letter Example + Tips

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If you send out a generic cover letter to every position you are applying for, you are likely not going to impress any hiring managers. You need to send documents that sound completely tailored to each individual position. This requires a bit of finesse, so follow the lead given by this free maintenance worker cover letter sample to see what needs to be included in your own personal letter. For an extra push in the right direction, some key tips are also provided.

Dear Ms. Le Guin,

I have taken care of basic maintenance duties at various businesses for the last 15 years. During that time, I have been responsible for a wide array of tasks from simple cleaning jobs to complete remodeling projects, so I am confident I can handle anything your company can throw at me.

A big component of each job is ensuring every business remains up to code. This involves me staying up-to-date with all local and state ordinances to ensure we remained in compliance. Once, I discovered that we could take advantage of some tax incentives if we switched over to LED lighting systems. I talked to my boss about it, and she agreed. The business ended up saving 40 percent on electricity annually.

As mentioned in the job description, flexibility is crucial in this line of work. Once we had some high-profile clients coming into the building. My boss wanted to come in to the meeting happy and refreshed, and she was worried about whether they would be able to find parking. I offered to valet the clients’ vehicles before and after the meeting. My boss was very impressed with my initiative.

Thank you for reading through my resume and cover letter. I have other relevant qualifications that I would be happy to discuss at a later time if you would like.

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What to Include in a Maintenance Worker Cover Letter

This free maintenance worker cover letter sample is only four paragraphs long, and you want your own to be about the same length. This can be done by getting straight to the point of why you are applying, discussing only a couple key skills, and transitioning smoothly between paragraphs. You want to express a professional, mature tone throughout the document. Avoid being bland and generic, and do not address the letter as “Dear Hiring Manager.” Never start a letter with the phrase, “My name is [your name].”

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Any skills you add to this free maintenance worker cover letter sample should be related to the field of general maintenance. You can pick from the following attributes.

● Troubleshooting: Diagnosing a problem before doing any repairs is vital.
● Dexterity: You need to be good with your hands and work with many tools or materials.
● Customer service: You should be able to provide advice and tips to people not familiar with this line of work.
● Self-motivated: You will likely be working by yourself most days and should be productive even when no one is around.