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Summer Intern Cover Letter Example + Tips

Writing a standout cover letter is an important part of the job search. This document, unlike your resume, gives you a chance to appeal to the hiring manager in order to show him or her that you are a strong candidate for the position. Because this document is so important, you need to be sure to tailor it to the position you are trying to get. To give you a better idea of how to create your own professional document, use this free summer intern cover letter sample and the following tips.

Dear Mr. Smoot,

I am a college student looking for a summer internship. When I saw the position with Ocean View Properties, I knew I had to send in my application. You are looking for someone who is eager to learn and capable of following directions, and I fit the description to a T.

I am so eager to master new knowledge and skills that I have spent the last three summers attending workshops and seminars related to my major. Not only am I excited to learn, but you will find that I can learn quickly. These two skillsets work together to make me an impressive employee.

As a summer intern, I know I will be given a lot of tasks that need to be completed correctly the first time. Thanks to my ability to follow directions, I believe I will be able to handle clerical and other necessary tasks with minimal supervision.

If you want someone who will excel in this summer internship program, you need to consider me. I would love to tell you more about my skills, accomplishments, and goals at an interview. I know you are a busy person, so thanks for taking the time to look over and respond to my application.

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What to Include in a Summer Intern Cover Letter

While the free summer intern cover letter sample may give you some ideas, you also need to include unique information that makes the letter your own. It is best to keep this document short and to the point with four paragraphs and no more than one page. The introduction should let the hiring manager know what position you are interested in and why. As you discuss your skills and experiences, you can make yourself an exemplary candidate by referencing the job description and using similar language. In the conclusion, it can be a good idea to thank the hiring manager and express your interest in an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Use the ideas in the free summer intern cover letter sample and these industry-specific skills to tailor your cover letter to the position you are applying to.

● Eye for detail: Interns may be expected to catch clerical errors and organize information.
● Communication: In this type of position, you may have to work with other interns and a supervisor on a regular basis.
● Patience: Internships may include menial tasks, which the worker must do with grace.
● Technical knowledge: Depending on the industry the internship is in, you may be expected to have some technical knowledge already.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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