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When you hope to attain a position that requires you to drive other individuals around, you need a first-class CV to impress the hiring manager. You only have so much space to catch the attention of an employer, so an effective CV is a necessity. A lot of information needs to be expressed through this document, which you can see from the car driver CV example below. Use it as a guide to write your very own amazing CV.


Allen Johnson

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Skilled driver with five years of experience driving people around the greater Austin area. Excelled in ensuring passengers always felt safe and comfortable no matter how long the journey would be. Experience in performing routine car maintenance, cleaning a vehicle’s interior, and picking up passengers from potentially crowded areas. Exceptional talent with providing customer service and having great time management skills.

  • Effective time management skills to always allow employer to know where I am and update them when I am running behind.
  • Excellent customer service to always check in on individuals and ask if there is anything I can do to make trip more enjoyable.
  • Extensive knowledge of state vehicle laws.
  • Great speaking skills to convey pertinent information to passengers.
  • Expertise in database user software to log information at the end of every workday.
  • Active listening skills to make customers feel appreciated.
Work Experience
Car Driver
January 2016 – Present


  • Follow all state regulations while operating a vehicle.
  • Conduct routine maintenance, such as checking oil levels and inspecting tire pressure.
  • Pick up passengers from a variety of locations and always ask for their level of satisfaction after a ride.
  • Communicate with dispatchers to inform them of whenever a passenger is about to be picked up.
  • Provide information to passengers about things to do in the local area.

Taxi Driver
March 2014 – January 2016


  • Collected fares from passengers once they arrived at destination.
  • Frequently assisted individuals with special needs get in and out of the taxicab.
  • Recorded information on every passenger, including name, time of pick up, time of drop off, and total duration of trip.
  • Tested taxis at the warehouse and performed routine maintenance in house, which ended up saving the company over $3,000 in repair costs annually.

Bus Driver
September 2012 – March 2014



  • Handled passenger emergencies, including one instance where an individual had a medical emergency, requiring an emergency stop-off at the local hospital.
  • Answered all questions passengers had about the bus schedule.
  • Maintained proper ventilation throughout trips to ensure passengers’ comfort.
  • Reported delays to dispatch so they could update the bus schedule accordingly.


Driver’s License
Updated December 2016


Austin City DMV
City, State
Passed an 80 hour taxi school course to become fully accredited.


Hobbies and Interests

When I am not working, I enjoy learning new recipes and making them for my family. In fact, a passion for cooking is something I occasionally bring up to passengers who express an interest. We will swap recipes over the course of the trip, and it becomes a much more pleasant driving experience for everyone involved.


Car Driver Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Car Driver Do?

A driver, regardless of whether he or she is operating a taxi, limousine, or another vehicle entirely, will need to perform basic tasks over the course of any given day. Some basic responsibilities include testing the vehicle frequently to ensure it runs properly, offering to help passengers bring any luggage on board, washing the exterior and interior of the car, running various errands for the passenger, and collecting fares from the passenger at the end of the trip. In the event a company vehicle is damaged, an accident report will need to be filed. Routine maintenance checks also need to be performed, and it will be up to you to keep a record of the last time your vehicle had an oil change, tire change, and battery inspection. Any experience relevant to your previous work should be expressed similarly to how the car driver CV example above is formatted.

Tips for Creating a Great Car Driver CV

Put some finishing touches on your CV by following these helpful tips:

  • In general, CVs only need to be about a page in length. However, if you have many years of experience, it would be acceptable to have two pages.
  • Make sure you include all up-to-date contact information, including an email address, phone number, and home address.
  • Your CV should begin with a professional summary, which succinctly goes over your pertinent work experience and skillset.
  • Every position listed under work experience should contain your job title and dates of employment.
  • Under the skills section, you should attempt to include a mix of personal, managerial, and digital skills.
  • Feel free to include any awards you have won or conferences you attended within an additional information section.

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