Taxi drivers are needed in every city. Therefore, hiring managers are constantly on the lookout for applicants who are capable of driving safely and offering passengers good experiences. To show you can handle everything that could possibly come up, you need to state that fact clearly in your professional CV. This taxi driver CV example provides an excellent outline for you to follow, and there are also some additional guidelines after the sample that go into greater depth about what job recruiters want in an application.


Charles Hall

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Reliable taxi driver with a comprehensive knowledge of Las Vegas streets and ability to get customers to their destinations via the fastest route possible. Friendly personality and always willing to go the extra mile for passengers. Additional experience performing basic automotive maintenance and can troubleshoot standard vehicle problems on own. Thorough understanding of all state driving laws and never once had a run in with law enforcement.

  • Strong visual acuity to always be aware of what is occurring on the road
  • Excellent speaking skills to carry on conversations with passengers
  • Exceptional time management skills to allocate enough time to clean vehicle before picking up next client
  • Active listening skills to always know exactly where a passenger wants to be dropped off
  • Familiarity with basic payment software so payments can be made through a variety of means
  • Knowledge of various automotive parts and how to perform basic maintenance on them
Work Experience
Taxi Driver
July 2016 – Present



  • Pick up passengers and drop them off wherever they request.
  • Collect fare at end of ride; recently implemented a system that allowed company to accept Venmo payments, which customers have been incredibly pleased with so far.
  • Test taxi cab regularly to ensure everything is working as it should and conduct maintenance when required.
  • Take cab to auto shop when something is beyond means to fix.
  • Provide information to passengers about local points of interest around the city.

Personal Driver
February 2015 – July 2016



  • Drove company vehicle and picked up executives at various locations.
  • Offered friendly service and always had a bottle of water in the back seat to provide for patrons.
  • Cleaned the inside of the vehicle to ensure it was always pristine.
  • Ran errands for employers when requested and kept employer up to date with progress regarding how the errands were proceeding.

October 2014 – February 2015




  • Transported passengers around town.
  • Communicated with dispatch regarding my location and when the vehicle would be able to come back to warehouse.
  • Performed basic maintenance, such as refilling oil levels and replacing faulty spark plugs.
  • Assisted passengers with any luggage they had and would bring bags to inside the building if asked.


Possess valid Nevada driver’s licenses that was renewed in 2014


Fully certified to work as a taxi cab driver in the state of Nevada


Hobbies and Interests

One of my favorite pastimes is to acquire old vehicles, fix them up, and sell them for a profit. In addition to being a nice way to have a supplementary income, it is also incredibly exhilarating to track down intricate parts and end up with a viable vehicle.



Taxi Driver Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Taxi Driver Do?

Ultimately, taxi drivers are needed to pick up passengers and drop them off wherever requested. Excellent service should be provided during every trip so patrons want to continue using your cab company in the future. Drivers also need to collect fares at the end of a trip based on readings from a taximeter. Taxi drivers are typically expected to get out of the vehicle when picking people up to assist them with any luggage. Drivers are also held accountable for keeping their cabs in great shape, which includes washing them regularly and inspecting under the hood to ensure everything continues operating as desired. Taxi cab drivers essentially need to be great customer service representatives as well as automotive mechanics. Show you can do everything, including the tasks stated in the taxi driver CV example, in your own job application.

Tips for Creating a Great Taxi Driver CV

Your work is not quite done. Follow these tips for an even greater likelihood of success using our CV maker:

  • If you are applying for an entry level position, you want your CV to be no longer than one page. For executive positions, two pages can be used.
  • For your contact information, make sure you have a standard, professional sounding email address. If you want, you can err on the side of caution and create a new email address specifically for your job applications.
  • Always state you have a valid driver’s license and any other essential certifications to be a taxi cab driver on your CV. If you do not, an employer may assume you do not have them and automatically gloss over your application.
  • Include the exact dates you worked at previous positions. Do not lie about anything because hiring managers can always contact your previous employers to confirm details.
  • Do not rely solely on your word processing program to catch any errors. Reread your CV before submitting.

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