Your curriculum vitae is your first chance at telling recruiters why your qualifications exceed those of your peers. The correct formatting and tone can make a significant difference in how effectively you are able to highlight your competencies and portray yourself as a viable candidate. Building a memorable CV requires time, careful reading of the job description, and strategic articulation of required information. This professional control room operator CV example is an excellent guide to reference as you write your own. The tips that follow will help you verify that no valuable details are missed.


Rodney Gilbert

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Proficient control room operator with 10 years of experience in maintaining system security, verifying equipment performance and efficiency, and managing operating staff. Skilled communicator who is confident in delegating responsibilities, confirming transfer of information, and reporting to superiors. Creative decision-maker who is able to make swift decisions under pressure without compromising the integrity of the company or safety of its workers. Expert leader with the proven ability to maintain a control room that is efficient, safe, and successful at keeping organizational processes in working order.

  • Expert communicator who uses an interpersonal approach to fairly delegate responsibilities, establish transfer of information, and present reports to executive staff.
  • Organized, able to multi-task, and punctual to create an environment conducive to effective performance for all departmental members.
  • Skilled decision-maker with the training and experience to make important decisions under pressure.
  • Creative and innovative individual who sees problems as opportunities to develop solutions that will better serve the company by creating a more effective control room process.
  • Trustworthy professional who maintains the highest standards of integrity to ensure the reputation of the company and its brand.
  • Vigilant overseer to watch for signs of emergency to protect the safety of the company’s workers and operations, with specific attention to preserving confidential backend information.
Work Experience
Control Room Operator
2006 – present



  • Oversee two assistants and regularly delegate responsibilities related to monitoring, testing, and reporting.
  • Troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment and develop creative solutions to maintain processes throughout regular maintenance and occasional repairs.
  • Maintain real-time logs, compile reports, and fill out detailed checklists for accurate record-keeping and accessibility for superiors.
  • Actively prepare for emergency situations, such as blackouts, by training team members on response tactics, verifying the condition of backup resources, and storing backend information in a secure location.

Control Room Assistant
2004 – 2006



  • Assisted the control room operator with daily operations, such as verifying equipment performance, keeping logs, and organizing reports for executive management.
  • Managed two primary systems and ensured their efficiency by completing tests, monitoring performance, scheduling maintenance and repairs, and training operators on best practices.
  • Maintained an organized, clean, and functional workspace.

Equipment Operator
2001 – 2004




  • Operated equipment in strict adherence to safety protocols as outlined by the control room operator.
  • Oversaw general maintenance and cleanliness of the equipment I operated.
  • Worked as part of a five-person team to operate equipment in the control room that directly affected the performance of the company and its organizational processes.


Bachelor of Science in Communication


University of Oregon
City, State
Associate in Communication


University of Oregon
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I volunteer weekly at a local homeless shelter where I serve meals and help residents with job preparation by offering mentoring on writing resumes. I love being outside and traveling. I am a passionate cook and enjoy developing new recipes for my family and friends.



Control Room Operator Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Control Room Operator Do?

A control room operator oversees the function of valuable components of a company’s backend system. Without their oversight, processes would be at increased risk of failure due to inefficiencies, glitches, and discrepancies in system conditions. As a control room operator, you will train employees on the proper usage of equipment and ensure their understanding. You will maintain a real-time log that documents everything from daily processes to proposed changes in operations. You will guarantee that employees are effectively completing designated checklists in accordance with outlined policies and procedures. Other responsibilities may include scheduling of system and equipment maintenance, troubleshooting issues, setting a precedence for superior performance, and developing parameters for departmental function. This control room operator CV example is an illustration of how to highlight the skills needed to complete these types of job responsibilities.

Tips for Creating a Great Control Room Operator CV

Here are some tips to help you in writing your curriculum vitae:

  • In your Skills section, focus on beginning each bullet point with an engaging action verb. Examples for a control room operator include: managed, maintained, reported, developed, upheld, verified, delegated, or facilitated.
  • A control room operator has to be a competent communicator, so your CV is an excellent place to demonstrate this skill by paying extra attention to the organization and delivery of information.
  •  Always spend extra time proof reading your CV to determine that it is polished and free of errors. Additionally, asking someone else to read it is a great way to catch additional errors you may have overlooked.
  • Use your Hobbies and Interests section to talk about things you enjoy that are relevant to the skills you have listed in your CV. For example, in the illustration above, the candidate discusses his creative problem solving in the Skills section and his creativity with cooking in the Hobbies and Interests section.

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