The hunt for a new job is always a little intimidating, but keep pushing forward with your search and you will eventually be successful. One tool that will make things easier is a strong resume. Remember, a resume is a marketing document. It is often the single opportunity to tell hiring managers that you are a desirable addition to the company, so you need to make it as good as it can be.

When applying for a new ER registration clerk position, you will want to inform hiring managers that you know how to multi-task while keeping your cool in the most stressful situations. You will also need to include any certifications you possess. All of these things should be emphasized in the first sections of your document so they can be picked up even when someone is scanning it.

When you are writing your own resume, be sure to take advantage of our ER registration clerk resume templates!

er registration clerk resume example


ER Registration Clerk Resume Questions

1. What does a good ER registration clerk resume look like?

The way you format your resume is more important than you might think. First, the way the document looks determines how interested readers will be. An organized and inviting resume improves your chances when compared to a messy, cluttered, or vague resume. Second, the format determines how easy the information is to understand. Take a look at our ER registration clerk resume sample to see the standard resume format in action.

Your resume should begin with a short summary statement. Guide the reader from the summary to the experience section with a brief list of your skills. The experience section should be the longest and densest section. Finally, your education information should appear at the end.

2. How do you write the qualifications section of an ER registration clerk resume?

The qualifications section’s primary purpose is to guide readers along and encourage them to read the experience section, but you can also use this section to emphasize your priorities. The section should include between four and eight bullet points, each of which should describe a skill of yours. Remember to only include skills that relate to the position directly. You can get a better idea of which skills to include by reviewing the job description. This tells you which attributes each individual hiring manager values.

3. How do your list certifications on your ER registration clerk resume?

As you see on the ER registration clerk resume sample, there is not a section dedicated to certification information in the standard format. While one of your options is to create a certifications section, we actually recommend including your ER certifications in an existing section. This information most likely fits in the qualifications section best.

4. How do you make an ER registration clerk resume with no experience?

Creating a resume when you do not have any relevant experience is not a simple task. A traditional resume focuses on the experience section most, which means you need a lot of information to fill in the gap left by this section.

You can shift focus to the qualifications or education sections. Describe the relevant experience you do have, whether this comes from internships or school projects. You can also discuss when you were able to put the relevant skills into practice. Consider using our step-by-step resume builder to make the process of writing an entry-level resume easier.

5. What format should your ER registration clerk resume be in?

The file format of your resume is one of the least important aspects. Nearly all hiring managers accept any of the standard file formats. You can simply choose whichever format you prefer out of PDF, .txt, or a Microsoft Word document. This means instead of worrying about the format, you can focus on implementing the writing strategies presented in our ER registration clerk resume sample.

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Resume Text

Jameson Ryder

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary
Experienced ER Registration Clerk with ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently with patience and efficiency. Professional yet approachable personality and effective communicator with both internal and external customers. Proficient in use of common software, programs, documents and tools of emergency room patient registration.


  • Strong computer skills
  • EMT certified
  • Database management experience
  • Effective time manager
  • Adept in customer complaint resolution
  • Excellent communicator
  • Compassionate demeanor
  • Professional, tactful, respectful
  • Highly organized
  • Prompt, courteous and team oriented

Work Experience
December 2010 to Present
Company Name-City, State
ER Registration Clerk

  • Greeted and registered patients as appropriate for inpatient and outpatient services.
  • Ensured correct billing and insurance information received for patients and entered into correct digital programs.
  • Answered incoming calls and transferred as appropriate.
  • Accepted patient questions, ensured they received correct information and provided directions to departments and offices within the hospital.
  • Ensured all registration documents were properly completed, signed and routed.
  • Assisted with transporting of patients through and between departments and delivered samples to laboratories.
  • Observed patients for status as directed by nursing staff, reporting any changes to status appropriately.
  • Assisted security through monitoring of emergency room patient entrance.
  • General administrative duties and office procedures as needed.
  • Called for ambulances and medivac as needed.

September 2007 to November 2010
Company Name-City, State
ER Registration Clerk

  • Worked the night shift in a busy metropolitan public hospital.
  • Responsible for all shift patient admissions and transfers to the hospital and the extended care facilities.
  • Compiled documents, recorded information in databases and filed reports.
  • Ensured patient billing information was correct and complete.

2006 University of Cityland, City, State
Associates Degree, Business Administration