Writing a strong curriculum vitae is the best way to get an employer’s attention, because your CV is often how they get a first impression of your professional experience and qualifications. Along with the cover letter, it communicates whether or not you will fit well with the organization you are seeking employment through. Check out the hospital pharmacist CV example below, as well as the tips about how to compose your own, and learn how to write a competitive CV that will make your application stand out.


Lynn Monday

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced hospital pharmacist with five years in the field, advanced degrees in chemistry and biology, and a dedication to delivering the highest quality care possible for every patient. Excel at delegating authority, group coordination, and problem solving, as shown by previous leadership experience.

  • Analyze and synthesize large amounts of data quickly to solve problems
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills, sharpened through a variety of scientific and medical roles
  • Practicing biochemist with both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical experience
  • Current EMT certification, renewed regularly
  • Experienced with a wide variety of industry-standard software, including HIM systems and laboratory databases
Work Experience
Hospital Pharmacist-
September 2013 – Present


Company Name

  • Advise medical teams in various departments about the possible outcomes of various treatment protocols involving pharmaceuticals.
  • Analyze difficult patient cases involving drug sensitivities or contraindications to build a medication plan that works for every individual.
  • Deliver timely documentation reporting on the hospital’s use of medication for each patient, updating both patient charts and pharmacy records.

Emergency Medical Technician-
April 2010 – August 2013


Company Name

  • Served as a first responder in a variety of emergency medical situations, including trauma, cardiac arrest, and epileptic seizures.
  • Organized and filed reports necessary to document the conditions of patients as they were transferred to hospital emergency services.
  • Communicated effectively with medical personnel face-to-face to facilitate those transfers.

Lab Technician – Kalamazoo Spice Extraction Company
July 2008 – February 2010



  • Assisted with both sonic assays and traditional gas chromatography as part of the company’s plant breeding program.
  • Prepared reports documenting the outcomes of various tests to determine the quantities of useful medicinal compounds in natural plant materials.
  • Supervised a team of temporary lab assistants to complete large-scale testing programs in a timely manner.


PhD in Pharmacy


Ferris State University
City, State
Master of Science in Chemistry


Western Michigan University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Outside of my work as a pharmacist, I enjoy gardening, an interest that has been with me since my work at the spice company. I enjoy growing my own food as well as prize-winning roses. I jog every morning and have run several half-marathons in the local area. I also have a dog that I show as the opportunity arises at competitions around the state.


Hospital Pharmacist Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Hospital Pharmacist Do?

Hospital pharmacists are responsible for tracking patient prescriptions, ensuring that each patient has medication and dosing schedules that will work for their condition. They work closely with doctors and other professionals to help advise them about courses of treatment as well, and they are responsible for analyzing patient charts to find solutions that avoid contraindicated medications and other risks.

Hospital pharmacists need to have a broad range of analytical and technical skills to accomplish these goals, including both educational credentials and hands-on skills, such as the ability to use and manage health information management software and other record-keeping applications. They also need to be able to communicate these decisions effectively to both the medical team and to staff in the pharmacy, to be sure that proper treatment protocols are followed. Take a look at the hospital pharmacist CV example above for more great ideas.

Tips for Creating a Great Hospital Pharmacist CV

Follow these tips as you polish up your CV:

  •  The personal summary is your chance to hook the reader, so make sure yours highlights your strongest and most relevant skills and experience.
  • Your job experience does not need to be directly related to the position you are seeking to be relevant. Consider how leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and other “soft” skills can be showcased when adding these areas.
  • For professional jobs like that of hospital pharmacist, remember to highlight your direct experience and credentials as much as possible.
  • Use specific language that communicates your professional skills, but keep in mind that the first audience for this CV is likely to be a hiring manager in HR and not necessarily a medical professional with clinical experience.
  •  Remember to keep it concise. The average CV is longer than a resume, but you do not want to have any excessive verbiage weighing it down.

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