Recruiters in the medical industry often look for key details in your CV to gain insight into your work experience, skill set, and education. In short, a solid CV may prompt a hiring manager to contact you for an interview. Although writing a professional CV may seem overwhelming, you can refer back to a retail pharmacist CV example for more information on how to get started. Our writing guide and sample CV explain what critical information you should include in your CV, as well as how to create a style that will catch an employer’s eye.

Jameson Phillips

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

State licensed pharmacist with extensive background in patient care, communication, pharmacology, and implementation of health care programs. Worked as a professional in a number of pharmaceutical settings. Passionate about improving lives and preventing illness through the correct use of medication. Strict attention to detail allows me to work at a considerable pace with complete accuracy.

  • Passion for helping others through sharing knowledge of medication and ensuring patients are compliant with taking their drugs.
  • Extensive education, experience, and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, with a specialty in inventory and drug management.
  • Acute attention to detail and focus when checking prescriptions, looking for drug interactions, and catching potential physician errors made when prescribing medication.
  • Strong knowledge of various pharmacy software programs, including FSI and McKesson.
  • Ability to work with a diverse population of patients.
Work Experience
Pharmacy Manager
June 2015 – Present
  • Manage a high-volume pharmacy and oversee a staff of 10 pharmacists and technicians.
  • Maintain a strict inventory to meet a specific budget.
  • Counsel patients on how to take their medication, paying close attention to any drug interactions, allergies, or adverse side effects.
  • Oversee sales, prescription counts, profits, and labor.
  • Act as a preceptor to students in the school of pharmacy.
Pharmacy Intern
September 2012- June 2015
  • Performed intern duties under the direction of a pharmacist preceptor.
  • Transferred prescriptions and took oral prescriptions over the phone.
  • Counselled patients and conducted drug utilization reviews to ensure they were taking their medication correctly.
  • Administered flu shots and other vaccinations to patients.
  • Contacted insurance companies to remedy adjudication errors and other claim issues.
Pharmacy Technician
February 2008 – September 2012
  • Filled, dispensed, and sold prescriptions to patients in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Helped to control inventory by keeping a consistent count of medications.
  • Organized orders with a focus on patient care and customer service.
  • Managed invoices, organized documents, and kept records according to state and federal law.



Doctorate of Pharmacy
May 2015
University of Utah
Member of the State Board of Pharmacy
June 2016
Hobbies and Interests

The field of public health care is extremely fascinating to me, and I have dedicated my time to formulating programs that would facilitate prescription care for homeless citizens. I actively volunteer at a homeless clinic, distributing medications, filling prescriptions, and counseling patients. I believe in disease prevention and love to share my knowledge through presentation at the College of Pharmacy, as well as to different local organizations.


Questions for Your Retail Pharmacist CV

1. How do you write the header of a retail pharmacist CV?

The header should contain your name and contact information. As with the rest of your CV, let your header’s font and format emphasize your text, not distract from it.

Our retail pharmacist CV sample offers a good example of a professional and complete header. The applicant includes his full name, street address, email, and telephone number. A straightforward combination of your first and last names or initials works best as a professional email address; if you do not have one, invest the few minutes it takes to set one up.

2. What technical skills should you put on a retail pharmacist CV?

As a pharmacist, you need strong technical skills to deliver a great work performance. Some important qualifications to showcase include pharmaceutical knowledge, proficiency in HIPAA and other relevant regulations, and drug inventory. You can also expect to use specialized software, so follow the example of the applicant in our retail pharmacist CV sample and list the programs you know. For more help, our perfect CV and resume builder takes you through the composition process step by step to help you craft a standout document.

3. What format should your retail pharmacist CV be in?

Many CV experts consider PDF a useful format for sending your CV. You can easily convert the file from your word processing program without losing your formatting, and employers can easily open and read your document.

However, if the job posting states a different preference, an employer’s instructions always supersede general advice. Whichever format you use, check for potential conversion or readability issues beforehand. If you submit your application by filling out an online form, uploading your CV usually works better than copying and pasting, so be sure to look for an option to upload.

4. What does a good retail pharmacist CV look like?

A top retail pharmacist CV follows applicable conventions, explains what makes you a great candidate for the job, is easy to read, and does not include unnecessary verbiage. Our retail pharmacist CV sample offers a good example of an effective document. It follows the appropriate format, beginning with a header, providing a professional summary, then listing skills, work experiences, education, and relevant hobbies. Each section contains relevant information, which the candidate presents in an organized and visually appealing manner.

5. Should you include references on a retail pharmacist CV?

Generally you should avoid including a list of references and not bother offering to provide one on your CV. Instead, follow the prospective employer’s lead on this issue. If the application consists of online form submission, you can expect to see a field for references. If you do not see any instructions for submitting a reference list along with your other application materials, the employer will likely request them at a later stage in the hiring process.

Retail Pharmacist CV Must-Haves

What Does a Retail Pharmacist Do?

It is important to know the general job description and skills that retail pharmacists must have in order to be successful at their job. When writing your retail pharmacist CV, you should understand how these professionals work to bring health and healing to the public. One way to gain information is by looking at a retail pharmacist CV example. Retail pharmacists work in a community pharmacy setting, such as market, grocery store, or a stand-alone pharmacy. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that patients receive the right prescription and understand how to take their medication, while watching for potential drug interactions and allergies. Retail pharmacists interact with patients, and should be able to communicate well with others. These trusted health care professionals often develop a strong relationship with their patients, and people are known to follow their favorite pharmacist from job to job because of this trusting bond.

Tips for Creating a Great Retail Pharmacist CV

Create a strong retail pharmacist CV using these helpful tips:

  • In addition to posting your work experience and skill set, be sure to highlight your compassion and affinity for helping people.
  • Pay close attention when formatting your CV and ensure that everything is in the right place.
  • Don’t forget to mention any certificates or awards that you have received, as well as any organizations or boards that you sit on.
  • As a professional, be sure to point out your extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals.
  • Keep a clear and concise tone throughout the CV.
  •  Reread and edit your CV to ensure you do not leave any important details out of your final copy.

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