Because there are usually so many candidates applying for a single job opening, getting noticed by employers can be a big challenge. The best way to maximize your chances of being hired is to find a way to stand out from the crowd. By creating a curriculum vitae that communicates your skills, qualifications, and previous working experiences in a concise package, you can catch the attention of the hiring managers who read it. Employers do still have high standards for your CV, however. Learn what to include and how to format it by reviewing this simple export manager CV example.


George Frond

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Dedicated export manager with 11 years of experience in management, leadership, and importing and exporting. Familiar leading shipping department of a corporation and managing many employees. Prioritize professional communication in all aspects of management when interacting with employees, other businesses, and clients. Excellent administrative experience and highly organized to keep multiple orders straight and on time. Utilize extensive knowledge of business administration and economics to achieve higher success in exports and imports.

  • Highly skilled manager and leader, familiar with overseeing multiple employees simultaneously
  • Excellent administrative abilities, organized and talented multitasker
  • Extensive communication skills, both written and oral, professional and interpersonal
  • Strong critical thinking, evaluation, and decision-making capabilities
  • Knowledgeable in business administration and economic principles
Work Experience
Export Manager
2014 to present



  • Oversee all shipping staff, ensuring all crew members are cooperating and working toward singular goals.
  • Manage all orders, organize products to ship, and delegate tasks according to employee talent and order size.
  • Guarantee all shipments are placed on time and in an orderly fashion.
  • Create reports of all shipments, including payment, destination, and other aspects to be presented at monthly board meetings.
  • Maintained customer satisfaction rating over 95 percent over three years.

Purchasing Manager
2010 to 2014



  • Prepared purchase orders, coordinated with billing and finance department, and ensured payment was placed on time.
  • Provided estimates for purchase costs and sought lower prices on all equipment and product purchases.
  • Oversaw receiving department, managed shipping crew, and organized incoming shipments.

Warehouse Manager
2006 to 2010




  • Organized entire warehouse crew, providing instructions clearly and efficiently.
  • Managed inventory, ensuring all required products and other items were in stock and rotated properly.
  • Improved warehouse efficiency rating by more than 20 percent through analysis and critical thinking, as well as avoiding mistakes through a close attention to small details.


Master of Science in Operational Management


University of San Diego
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Business Management


University of San Diego
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I make an effort to read business administration and economic magazines each month to stay up to date in my field and learn new techniques or practices for success. I also run on a daily basis and play soccer to stay active and fit. I volunteer my time with a local charity organization when I can as well.



Export Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Export Manager Do?

Export managers hold administrative positions and are responsible for managing and coordinating shipping to international locations. It is not uncommon for export managers to be tasked with overseeing imports as well. In these cases, they are also responsible for receiving shipments. Export managers must be organized and able to communicate with customers and other professionals tactfully and effectively. Frequently, export managers will have a position of leadership and will manage employees in the logistics and shipping department of a company. For all these reasons, important attributes to emphasize on your CV include organization, administration, management, leadership, decision making, and communication. Secondary skills you can include are critical thinking, perception, and economic knowledge. The above export manager CV example demonstrates some of the best ways to demonstrate and highlight these qualities in your own CV. Remember that the best CVs will include specific keywords from each unique job description.

Tips for Creating a Great Export Manager CV

Before you begin creating your own CV using our CV maker, be sure to implement the following writing strategies:

  • Format your experience section correctly. It should list your previous jobs in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent and going backwards. Only currently held positions should be in present tense. Begin each bullet point with a strong action verb.
  • Do manage the length of your CV. You should be aiming for one full page for every 10 years of experience you have. If it is longer than this, employers may not read it, and if it is shorter, it looks bad.
  • Do not ignore the appearance of your CV at a glance. While the content of your CV is most important, the appearance also affects the impression employers have of you. Eliminate instances of large, unbroken paragraphs and wasteful gaps in information.
  • Do proofread your CV multiple times. It is not acceptable to have any typographical errors in the final version. You should also take the opportunity to find areas that can be improved.

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