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Resume Templates: Biotechnology Graduate


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Versatile biotechnology graduate with clinical experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Offer strong business acumen and the ability to gather client requirements and develop technical solutions. Creative professional with extensive project experience in both science and business capacities. Strong communication, interpersonal, and relationship building skills.


Biotechnology, Biology, Chemistry, and Bioprocess Engineering Pharmaceutical Research and Development Designing Technology Solutions Experiment Planning and Execution

Drug Research Technologies Hypothesis Development Statistics and Analysis – Excel, SPSS, Prism, and Image Analysis Logistics and Reports Generation and Analysis Analytical Problem Solving Collaborative Team Player

Gastrin-releasing Peptide contributes to the regulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis and neuronal development. Walton, NM, de Koning, A, Xie X, et al.Stem Cells. 2014 Sept. Technology Commercialization of Liquid Cast Biodegradable Drug Eluting Stent. Designed and generated a commercialization strategy for the stent including collecting and analyzing patient population, competitive market analysis, treatment algorithm, regulatory approval strategy, sales forecast, and SWOT. Central neuron system pre-clinical drug development. Identified pathophysiological mechanisms of Chromosome 15q13.3 deletion and pre-clinical drug development and high throughput screen development of target drug identification.

2014 Master of Science: Biotechnology Northwestern University Evanston, IL Integrated coursework in biotechnological pharmaceutics, virology, engineering, marketing, entrepreneurial selling, and technology commercialization. Bachelor of Science: Biological science Beijing Forestry University Beijing, China Coursework including: Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, forestry, and environmental sciences. Honored with Excellent Student Scholarship Biological School Students Association Alliance Chief Award, Outstanding Student Leader Research and Development Group Intern Astellas Pharma Skokie, IL Maintain several projects related to central neuron system pre-clinical drug development. Develop high throughput screening for target drug identification. Research Assistant Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Biophysics Beijing, China Researched cognitive neural circuits in drosophila model. Created hypotheses, designed experiments, and prepared reports.


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