Resume Templates: Human Resources Coordinator


Human resource coordinators face a variety of challenges at work. While each employer has different expectations, most human resource coordinators deal with staffing, bookkeeping and hiring. These abilities alone won’t get you hired; you’ll need a great resume to get your foot in the door. Think of a resume as the best method of selling your particular brand of human resource skills.

Experts expect a slight increase in available human resource jobs over the next several years. They expect to see the largest growth in the employment services section. As a result, focus your resume’s skills or work experience on how you are able to help people overcome challenges.

If condensing all your work experience into a single-paged resume sounds like a challenge, take a look at our human resources coordinator resume examples to see how others have managed this task.

Resume Templates: Human Resources Coordinator

Human Resource Coordinator Resume Questions

1. What’s the best way to list certifications on your human resource coordinator resume?

Most human resource coordinators have at least a bachelor’s degree and plenty of experience in the field. If you’ve earned relevant certifications in addition to your undergraduate or graduate study, draw attention to them, as they may help you stand out among competing applicants.

Our human resource coordinator resume sample displays the main sections your document should have, but you can create another section in your document with the label “Certifications” if you want to make sure hiring coordinators take note of your additional training. Or, you can include them in your core qualifications or education section.

2. Which skills are the best to list on a human resource coordinator resume?

Human resource coordinators have a lot of responsibilities, and prospective employers want to know if you can handle every aspect of the job. That is why you should list a variety of skills in your resume. Look to our human resource coordinator resume sample to get an idea of what industry skills hiring coordinators may want to see in your document.

Identify proficiencies in using HR databases, recruiting and training staff, and managing budgets. Illustrate your ability to lead, motivate, and work with your employees to increase productivity.

3. What’s the best length for a human resource coordinator resume?

How many years of experience in human resources do you have? If you worked in this industry for more than a decade, a two-page document is usually acceptable. If you have fewer than 10 years of relevant experience, use a one-page resume. You may find it difficult to condense your content, but if you turn to our experienced resume builder, you can finish this task quickly with step-by-step assistance. Look at our human resource coordinator resume sample for additional formatting techniques.

4. What’s the best resume template to use for a human resource coordinator resume?

As a human resource coordinator, you should have experience in reviewing resumes. What types of documents do you prefer to receive? You probably favor resumes that look similar to our human resource coordinator resume sample. Such resumes use templates that offer organized layouts and professional fonts to allow employers to read through a candidate’s content quickly. To increase your chances of impressing prospective employers, use this kind of template to craft your own document.

5. How do you write about hobbies on your resume?

Review our human resource coordinator resume sample. Notice that the jobseeker mentions multiple skills as well as relevant work experience and education. She does not, however, include a list of hobbies in her document. Unless you are sure that employers want to learn about your hobbies, exclude this information from your resume. Use any extra space in your document to list a few more skills in your core qualifications section or add additional previous job duties to your work experience section.

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Betty Tomko 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234 Summary Highly skilled individual accustomed to maintaining a human resource department, from ensuring privacy and accuracy of employee records, handling employee medical insurance and other benefit plans, conducting background and reference checks, and processing applicant resumes. With over a decade of experience as a Human Resources Coordinator and a degree in human resources, is experienced and educated enough to understand and respond to the needs of the department. Highlights
  • Oversight of recruitment, hiring and firing process
  • Job description preparation and finalization
  • Follow flow of each application
  • Thorough understanding of human resources information system
  • Work closely with payroll department
  • Support department mission
Work Experience June 2010 to April 2015 ABC Petroleum “” New Parkland, CA Human Resources Coordinator
  • Conducted needs assessments for all departments regarding number of employees desired and specific skills required.
  • Reviewed job descriptions for accuracy and included employee input.
  • Researched various training programs to be offered in-house to increase employee effectiveness and productivity.
  • Established corporate assessment program to identify potentially high performing individuals.
January 2005 to May 2010 J&L Products, Inc. – New Cityland, CA Human Resources Coordinator
  • Initiated sales training, coordinated classes and recorded feedback from attendees.
  • Conducted review and updating of job descriptions for all salaried and commissioned employees.
  • Conducted new employee orientation programs and ensured all new employees were provided with company policy handbook.
September 1999 to December 2004 Ajax Manufacturing “” New Parkland, CA Human Resources Administrative Assistant
  • Supported the department manager as requested.
  • Ensured that all employee documents were properly completed, signed and dated before being filed.
  • Entered resumes into applicant database.
Education 2003 University of Southern California, Irvine Bachelor of Science, Human Resources