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The right resume or CV can help you land the clinical pharmacist job you have always wanted. Over time, this working document will grow to reflect your professional life. Referring to a clinical pharmacist CV example, such as the one below, is a good way to ensure that your CV presents your professional self in the very best light. Use the sample as a model to guide the development of this essential piece of your application. See the following tips to improve your organization and presentation in sections such as work history, skills, and the summary.
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AnnaE. Mouse

123 Main Street ,Anytown, Anystate 11111 (555) 555-5555

Professional Summary

Expert clinical pharmacist with four years of pharmacy lead experience and six years of pharmacy staff experience seeks challenging and dynamic position with a company poised for growth. Managed team of four pharmacy technicians to dispense, track, and manage prescriptions in a fast-paced community clinic. Oversaw implementation of new drug-dispensing software and hardware, ensured accurate reporting, and drove improvement in client-reported satisfaction ratings.

  • Patient education and customer service
  • Accurate record-keeping and best practices implementation
  • Telemedicine implementation
  • Networking with insurance carriers, healthcare providers, and community members
  • Organizing and overseeing safe medication disposal programs
  • Supporting community health efforts through collaboration and teamwork
Work Experience
Head Pharmacist
January 2011 – July 2016

  • Provided drug counseling to patients.
  • Oversaw operations to reduce error rate by 15 percent and meet objectives.
  • Prepared and filed accountability reports for junior pharmacists.
  • Networked with insurance companies, care providers, and others to ensure correct and appropriate patient care.
  • Mentored pharmacy technicians in operations and professional development.

Associate Pharmacist
January 2008 – November 2010

  • Supported pharmacy operations through customer service, patient education, and prescription drug information distribution.

  • Provided counseling to patients and community members in need of additional information related to safe drug use and selection.

  • Implemented best practices for information security, record keeping, billing, reporting, insurance management, and patient education to improve pharmacy operation and meet quarterly goals.

  • Led team members training for new e-security protocols to improve implementation of professional standards and to meet new organizational goals and target objectives.

Associate Pharmacist
February 2003 – December 2007

  • Partnered with pharmacy technicians and head pharmacist to improve community outreach to new and non-active customers.
  • Oversaw in-house project aimed at reducing dispensing-related error rate to demonstrate commitment to patient health, cost savings, and waste reduction.
  • Counseled patients regarding drug interactions and safe use to ensure confidence in using unfamiliar medications correctly and accurately.
  • Answered questions related to insurance coverage, Medicaid coverage, and VA coverage.

Pharmacy Science

Anystate University

Hobbies and Interests

I spend time exploring jewelry-making techniques, including silver smithing and inlay design; I have participated in several local arts shows, including the Anystate State Fair and Emerging Artists Showcase event in 2011. I also enjoy mountain biking in national parks and forests.

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Clinical Pharmacist CV Must-Haves

What Does a Clinical Pharmacist Do?

A clinical pharmacist works directly with patients to provide counseling, support, and instruction regarding safe use of prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. Many clinical pharmacists work inside community clinics and healthcare facilities such as hospitals or surgical centers; a growing number of clinical pharmacists work for private businesses and specialty healthcare centers. By partnering with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers, a clinical pharmacist can promote health and speed recovery.

Because a clinical pharmacist must work closely with other healthcare professionals as well as with the public, a great CV should reflect these two dimensions of career experience. You can see on the clinical pharmacist CV example how listing professional accomplishments reflects a true understanding of how this field supports healthcare and the goals of an organization. Seeing how knowledge is applied says much about an employee’s ability to problem solve, delegate tasks, and organize complex projects.

Tips for Creating a Great Clinical Pharmacist CV

Use these additional tips to make your CV great:

– Present accomplishments that demonstrate the application of knowledge to show employers that you truly understand the scope of your job. Clinical pharmacists must be very knowledgeable about the fundamentals of prescription drug management as well as current standards of practice.
– Be sure to include all relevant continuing education, as this shows that your knowledge is fresh and up to date. Virtually every member of the medical and pharmaceutical industries has certain requirements for CE and professional development to meet licensure and other applicable standards. Not only does this record demonstrate your good standing with governing bodies, but it also displays areas of expertise and specialization.
– Avoid writing too much about hobbies and personal interests. Adding lots of detail about hobbies can be tempting, especially if you wish to explain a pursuit that is technical or obscure; resist this temptation and keep this section brief and to the point.


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