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Have you thrown your hat in the ring for several logistics assistant jobs but have yet to hear back on any of your inquiries? The issue may not be your qualifications, but rather that your applications keep getting lost in the crowd. To keep this from happening in the future, consider submitting a curriculum vitae alongside your application. A logistics assistant CV example has been included here (along with a few writing guidelines) to help you in creating your own. Such a document can capture the attention of prospective employers and help you stand out from other applicants.
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Todd Tennyson

9635 Circle Way, Denver, Colorado 11111

E:ttennyson@email P: 555-222-8888

Professional Summary

Experienced logistics professional looking to progress into supervisory role. Five years of experience working in warehousing and logistics, along with strong knowledge of key business principles. Often looked to as a leader by coworkers and as a mentor by new employees. Work history and educational background have helped in developing an excellent understanding all of the aspects of supply warehouse management, including safety and reporting requirements. Recognized by managers, shipping partners, and others in authority positions as one who would be an effective team leader.

    -Excellent attention to detail that assists in inventory management, supply ordering, shipping and receiving, and reporting. -Strong memory which allows for easy retention of employer policies and procedures, item category designation, inventory numbers, and client contact information. -Leadership skills that have been utilized in managing daily workflow, supporting fellow coworkers, and developing process improvement initiatives. -Expert understanding of software applications, including data warehousing programs and reporting tools. -Good physical condition.
Work History
Inventory Coordinator
March 2015 – Present

  • Maintain inventory database that catalogues all supplies and components available in regional warehouse for national home improvement store retailer.
  • Coordinate with shipping partners to verify receipt and storage of new product orders, and to ensure that all invoices are transferred on to finance department.
  • Prepare weekly reconciliation reports detailing all shipping and receiving activity to be shared with management team.

Shipping Clerk
May 2013 – March 2015

  • Coordinated with the department managers at the eight stores in region to track in-store inventories.

  • Prepared new purchase orders whenever inventory volumes met reorder criteria.

  • Received shipment confirmations and invoices from clients and coordinated with their representatives to ensure payments were made in a timely fashion.

Dock Worker
April 2012 – May 2013

  • Worked at the warehouse of regional mail and freight carrier.
  • Prepared all packing materials for items as they came in to help ensure safe delivery.
  • Loaded items on to trucks, planes, and railway containers in preparation to be shipped.

Logistics Intern
January 2012 – March 2012

  • Participated in internship program offered by regional freight carrier.
  • Worked under logistics manager assisting with the management of shipping routes and weekly supply orders.
  • Studied the processes used by company’s web development department to maintain online tracking portal.

Grocery Clerk
June 2007-September 2010

  • Worked part-time for local grocer helping to maintain stock room operations while attending high school and college.
  • Tasked with unloading grocery shipments and storing items in appropriate areas.
  • Assisted the grocery manager in maintaining grocery inventory.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Leeds School of Business -University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder Colorado

Hobbies and Interests

Avid University of Colorado sports fan who contributes football and basketball articles to local blog. Enjoy winter sports, especially snowmobiling and snowboarding. Travel to Montana with family every fall to go bow hunting and fishing.

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Logistics Assistant CV Must-Haves

What Does a Logistics Assistant Do?

The logistics assistant CV example provided here gives you a good idea of what such a document should look like as well as an understanding of the type of information it should contain. However, in order to complete your own, you must also have a general idea of what sorts of roles and responsibilities come with the position you’re seeking. This knowledge will help you see what areas of your work history you should highlight in your CV. Logistics assistants usually work directly under a company or organization’s logistics manager, performing support tasks such as tracking shipments and item receipts, monitoring inventory volumes, and working with financial and budgeting analysts on both purchase orders and client invoices. Another assigned task may be to manage a company’s warehouse operations. A logistics assistant may also be given administrative duties, such as coordinating payroll and performing employee evaluations.

Tips for Creating a Great Logistics Assistant CV

Some may tell you that since your CV is all about you, there’s no way that you can go wrong with it. This assumption fails to acknowledge that your CV is actually all about the job that you’re seeking, and why you are the ideal fit for such a position. To keep your document focused on that message, remember the following tips when creating your CV:

– Tailor the message to the job. Read the posting multiple times and study the company’s website to get an idea of its background. Use this information to customize whatever elements of your CV you can.
– List your work experience chronologically, and detail your educational history by listing the highest degree that you’ve obtained first (even if it might not directly apply to the job you’re applying for).
– Don’t use too many technical terms when describing your skills as these may not be familiar to human resource personnel.
– Don’t include any information that could alienate a reader, such as subtle hints as to your political views or religious affiliations.


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