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When you are looking for a new job, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve. One way to catch the attention of just about any hiring manager is to send a finely-crafted CV along with your job application. Looking at sample CVs, like the logistics CV example below, can give you a good idea of how to get started and what kind of material to include. The accompanying writing guide has additional information on convincing employers that you are the best person for the job.
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Professional Summary

Supply chain management expert seeking to revitalize product transportation and distribution for food retail chains. Proven history of eliminating supply chain waste and reallocating financial and personnel resources to maximize distribution efficiency. View projects and processes through a broad lens while maintaining ability to focus on details. Energetic leader motivated to lead through example and positivity. Skilled at properly allocating personnel to work areas commensurate with their individual strengths and aptitudes. Develop spreadsheets and databases that optimize organizational efficiency and keep high volumes of information manageable and digestible.

    ?Mediation and diplomacy skills, useful for resolving conflicts with and between colleagues and clients. ?Time management expert, able to accurately determine the length of time needed to complete tasks.?Strong communicator capable of listening attentively, speaking effectively, and writing clearly.?Powerful negotiator with propensity for using calm logic to persuade others.?Proficient in business and project management software, including Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Access.
Work History
Global Logistics Manager
2011- Present

  • Direct transportation and distribution for time-sensitive goods, ensuring their safe and prompt delivery to retail sites.
  • Coordinate efforts between manufacturers, distributors, and sellers. Communicate with all parties to respond to their needs and optimize satisfaction.
  • Engage in ongoing efforts to eliminate waste in supply chain.
  • Transformed logistics chain by reevaluating strengths of suppliers and distributors. Collected data and determined how to cut costs while providing consumers with more desirable products. Saved corporation over $2,000,000 in first year of implementation, with savings increasing each subsequent year.
  • Supervise 30 team members. Divide projects into discrete tasks and assign tasks at weekly meetings.
  • Identify promising employees. Invite potential future leaders to individual mentoring sessions for the purposes of offering professional guidance and strengthening company culture.
  • Participate in lean manufacturing seminars and apply knowledge to professional practices.

Logistics Manager

  • Monitored supplier activities to ensure timely deliveries of products.

  • Planned conferences and meetings between distributors and retailers, often mediating disagreements and formulating solutions to complex problems.

  • Managed team of 10 employees, increasing profits and adhering to budget every quarter.

  • Hosted monthly pizza lunches to reward good performance and build team camaraderie.

  • Developed new database for tracking goods in transportation, enabling all points of supply chain to follow progress.

  • Organized departmental data and delivered quarterly reports to supervisors.

Logistics Coordinator

  • Communicated with suppliers and connected them with local distributors.
  • Created spreadsheets for collecting financial, personnel, and product data. Updated spreadsheets as needed to keep pace with changing needs of department.
  • Recommended optimal route for emerging product line, resulting in an improved profit margin.

Bachelor of Business and Supply Chain Management

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Hobbies and Interests

Dedicated runner. Compete in four marathons per year as well as numerous shorter races. Enthusiastic about interior design and home remodeling. Passionate about music and play lead electric guitar in punk rock band. Former Mathlete and still participate in online math challenges for fun.

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Logistics CV Must-Haves

What Does Logistics Do?

People who work in the field of logistics coordinate the transportation, distribution, and purchase of products and services for a variety of business environments. Logistics workers are responsible for managing both personnel and goods, so ideal candidates are strong leaders who are highly organized. Just as the logistics CV example does, your CV should emphasize your broadly applicable skill sets, such as the ability to see the big picture or an aptitude for solving problems. One way logistics workers keep track of all their information is by creating appropriate databases and spreadsheets, so you should make note of any experience you have with business and project management software.

Tips for Creating a Great Logistics CV

– Whenever possible, describe your past work experience through the lens of achievements made rather than simply duties performed. This immediately designates you as someone who goes above and beyond.
– Leadership is an important aspect of logistics work, so include specific examples of times when you used your leadership skills to get positive results.
– There is no need to explain why you left past positions. In fact, doing so can make you appear unprofessional, even if the reasons behind your departure were compelling.
– Since logistics workers are concerned with streamlining processes, your CV will be especially impressive if you can include examples of times when you improved the efficiency of a work process.


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