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One of the best ways to achieve success in your job search is to write an outstanding CV that fully demonstrates your experience and capabilities. Of course, that is easier said than done. If you are not sure where to start, then this marine officer CV example and writing tips may help. You can use them to get an idea of the language and formatting styles that illustrate your proficiencies and impress hiring managers. After you get this push in the right direction, you will be more than ready to start writing a CV of your own.
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Hattie McGovern

898 West Main Street , San Diego, CA 11111

E: T: 555-845-0001

Professional Summary

Organized and motivated marine assistant supervisor with strong leadership skills. Highly experienced through years of logistical training in high-activity environments. Ability to manage small details while also keeping in mind the broader goal of every situation. Commended for exceeding safety standards during each year as an assistant. Specialized knowledge of ship engines, including maintenance and repair, and the ability to perform these duties under budgetary constraints.

    -Specialized knowledge of ship engines, including experience with installing, inspecting, maintaining, and repairing them. -Strong leadership skills; I am often described by personnel in the departments I oversee as “tough but fair,” and I pride myself on the four years without any major accidents that occurred while I was assistant marine superintendent. -Excellent at making and adhering to tight budgets and has a keen awareness of the need for economical management. -Experience in both the public and private sectors; this gives me a unique perspective when it comes to government regulations and responsible money management. -Intuitive skill for logistics that has been honed by over a decade of practical organization and coordination experience.
Work Experience
Assistant Marine Superintendent

  • Supply engineering support for personnel in a variety of departments.
  • Assist the superintendent with monthly and yearly reports and budgeting.
  • Coordinate schedules for employees and participate in the hiring process.
  • Supervise each department personally, including weekly in-person inspections.
  • Recognized for strict adherence to safety standards.
  • Commended for the four accident-free years that occurred under my leadership.

Marine Engineer

  • Specialized in engine installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair for a major shipping line.

  • Maintained superior performance through a series of budget cuts that limited the department’s resources.

  • Advised superiors on budgetary decisions after being singled out for economical solutions.

  • Commended for consistent high marks on performance reviews, specifically in the safety category.

Marine Operations Manager

  • Managed three research vessels and the associated facilities commissioned by the state of California through the University of California, San Diego.
  • Coordinated contracts and performance evaluations for subordinates.
  • Oversaw routine maintenance and daily operations of the vessels.
  • Assisted superiors in crafting functional, practical, and economical budgets.
  • Exercised wide-reaching discretionary responsibilities.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering

University of California of San Diego
4th Class Engineer Certification

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy all types of ocean-oriented recreation, particularly surfing. I participate in a charity regatta every year that benefits marine wildlife preservation. I have participated in several non-mandated seminars about sustainable ocean shipping practices.

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Marine Superintendent CV Must-Haves

What Does a Marine Superintendent Do?

Marine superintendents work at docks and ports and are usually in the employment of a specific shipping line. When the ships come to port, the superintendent is responsible for coordinating the logistics of those ships’ docking and cargo. Vessel maintenance and hiring for different positions at the port also fall into the superintendent’s responsibilities. Since a background in engineering is almost always required, follow the example of this marine superintendent CV example and highlight your experience in this field. Also, emphasize your leadership capabilities since a marine superintendent is responsible for managing a large staff of personnel. Because of the many employees working jobs that can be dangerous, a superintendent should also have extensive knowledge of safety regulations and enforce them fully. Experience with ships and the unique maintenance they require are vital for success in this position.

Tips for Creating a Great Marine Superintendent CV

As you personalize your CV, keep these tips in mind:

-Emphasize your specialization in marine experiences by mentioning prior jobs at docks or on ships.
-Do not use too much space in the “Hobbies and Interests” section of your CV. While hiring managers may appreciate the information, it usually isn’t what makes you a good fit for the job.
-Start each bullet point in your “Skills” section with a strong action verb to showcase your competence.
-Do not only list your job description in the “Work Experience” section; bring it to life by listing awards, commendations, or special recognition you received while working.
-Use terms that apply specifically to the marine superintendent job title such as leadership, logistics, safety standards, vessel maintenance, and marine engineering.


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