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Working as a tender requires that you engage in some heavy lifting and handle products that move throughout an industrial facility. If you nail your curriculum vitae, a potential employer will move your application to the next stage of the hiring process as quickly as you’d move freight across a warehouse. If you want this to happen, you need to create a standout CV. There are plenty of resources to aid you in this process, and consulting a tender CV example is likely to be particularly helpful. Look at the example here and the following tips to get started writing.

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Karen Fisk

126 City Place Way ,Memphis, AL 11111

T: 555-923-9326 E: kfisk@anymail.com

Professional Summary

Experienced tender with extensive experience in warehouse, factory, and other industrial environments. Skilled in all aspects of such work, including heavy lifting, positioning conveyor components, manipulating machinery, and managing production. Also developed ability to work safely while maintaining high levels of productivity and accurately record data such as weight, quantity, and type of items produced. Was part of team that successfully improved productivity rates by 13 percent while minimizing accidents by 16 percent among conveyor tender workers and adjacent staff.

  • -Ability to lit heavy objects skillfully and effectively. -Advanced knowledge of safety principles in industrial settings. -Highly skilled in maintaining productivity levels. -Excellent spoken and written communication skills. -Proficient in tracking and documenting production processes.
Work Experience
Conveyor Tender
November 2014–Present

  • Worked on conveyor line to perform various duties such as product processing, transportation, or machine positioning.
  • Maintained high levels of quality, safety, and productivity in order to keep operations of conveyor running smoothly.
  • Recorded all data regarding the weight, type, location, and production times of items produced by the conveyor belt.

Conveyor Operator
June 2012-November 2014

  • Worked alongside conveyor staff to perform various basic functions of conveyor, including labeling, capping, or boxing product.

  • Managed the output of product in order to ensure optimal productivity and quality were both achieved.

  • Weighed and measured products to gauge consistency and ensure that all were adherent to standards established by client.

Assembly Line Tender
April 2009-June 2012

  • Capped, labeled, packaged, and boxed products being made along the conveyor and assembly line.
  • Partnered with management to develop procedures for the optimal implementation of assembly line protocol.
  • Received and implemented various directives from management regarding the process and treatment of assembly products.

Associate of Arts in Supply Chain Production

Smithtown Junior College
High School Diploma

Smithtown High School
Hobbies and Interests

I am considered a movie enthusiast by every person I know. This manifests in my love of all things cinema, but one of my favorite hobbies is dabbling in amateur filmmaking of my own. I write scripts and film short movies with my friends and family, and I have entered a few of them in local film competitions. I am most passionate about comedy and creating short films, and my hobby often allows me to enjoy both of these. In addition to creating films, I often volunteer by hosting a screenwriting class at the local high school.

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Tender CV Must-Haves

What Does Tender Do?

A tender is most commonly tasked with various duties in an industrial setting. A tender may work on an assembly line or conveyor belt performing such tasks as capping, labeling, and packaging products. You may also be tasked with transporting products throughout the warehouse or factory in order to prepare them for shipment. There is a certain level of mechanical expertise that is required for the position in the event that you should need to provide repairs or service for machinery used in the facility. If you have all of these qualifications, working as a tender may be a great position for you, and you can boost your chances by creating a great curriculum vitae. Consult our tender CV example and tips for more guidance on how to accomplish this and get started towards a promising career as a tender.

Tips for Creating a Great Tender CV

When it comes to writing a CV, it could be said that less is more. Indeed, simplicity is key, but so is highlighting your qualifications. If you want to strike a balance between these two, the following tips can help:

-Do demonstrate how your contributions benefitted your prior positions and contributed to company’s objectives.
-Don’t minimize your accomplishments by neglecting to mention any awards or accolades you may have received.
-Do tailor your CV to the position that you are applying for by highlighting those skills that are directly relevant to the job.
-Don’t damage the impact of your CV by using monotonous language or repetitive phrasing throughout its text.
-Do make it clear that you are a team player and skilled in working across a number of industrial environments.