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Many Zumba® instructors have a main job and teach Zumba® on the side. If this scenario fits your situation, you still need a compelling and engaging CV or resume to send to prospective employers. Part-time does not mean inferior, and gyms, fitness centers, and businesses are selective about the instructors they employ. The Zumba instructor CV example included here comes in a PDF version you can refer to, and it should help you understand what is required as far as formatting and a few other things. We’ve also included some CV writing tips.
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Elizabeth Stratton

567 Fourth Street, Ellensburg, WA 11111

E: elizabeth.m.stratton@anymail T: 555-555-4478

Professional Summary

Passionate and enthusiastic Zumba® instructor with 11 years of experience in group fitness. Credentials include teaching children, senior citizens, and the general adult population. Group fitness instructor certification from ACE plus Zumba® Gold certification. Dedicated to making fitness fun and accessible!

    – Fluid and precise movements. – Upbeat and engaging personality. – Commanding presence and clear voice. – Proven ability to build a following. – Experience in many fitness disciplines, such as Zumba®, aerobics, swimming, bicycling, and yoga. – Patience, persistence, and passion.
Work Experience
Zumba® Instructor

  • Lead Zumba® gym classes geared toward beginners and active senior citizens.
  • Teach an average of 13 students per class.
  • Combine Zumba® core rhythms (Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, and Reggaeton) with approved dance and choreography.
  • Enhance students’ overall levels of muscular conditioning, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.
  • Design workouts to meet students’ needs (older adults versus younger adults).
  • Renew teaching certification every year.
  • Earn high satisfaction scores on instructor surveys (93 percent satisfaction average).
  • Use passion and enthusiasm to infuse a love of fitness among students.
  • Started with teaching two classes a week; demand and skill currently have me teaching five weekly.

Massage Therapist

  • Work with clients’ soft tissues and joints on a part-time basis.

  • Deliver massages geared toward relaxation and preventative maintenance, although some therapy is aimed at treating injuries or medical conditions.

  • Discuss clients’ goals and medical histories with them.

  • Assess clients’ range of motion, joint condition, and general muscular health.

  • Operate out of a cozy home office that encourages client relaxation.

Group Fitness Class Instructor

  • Taught a variety of group fitness classes to multiple populations (ex: aerobics to kids, swimming to senior citizens).
  • Developed lesson plans to maximize students’ chances of success.
  • Identified a general goal for each class to give focus and to set expectations (ex: to improve flexibility, to lose weight, to simply get moving more).

Zumba® Gold Instructor Certification
2014 with annual renewals

Massage Therapist Licensure

State of Washington
Hobbies and Interests

Obviously, I love exercise! I believe that it should be accessible to anyone, which is why I volunteer to teach classes two times a month at a senior residential living center. My current top hobby is sea kayaking.

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Zumba Instructor CV Must-Haves

What Does a Zumba® Instructor Do?

Zumba® instructors must complete training given by a Zumba® Education Specialist. Intro trainings can cover topics such as Zumba® for kids, while advanced trainings may cover Zumba® step and other areas. There are also skill development trainings. You may want to work as a Zumba® instructor for the company, or you can work at gyms and fitness centers or in a small-group setting. The Zumba® Education Specialist training prepares potential instructors for Zumba® core rhythms such as Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, and Reggaeton, and instructs them on music, choreography, and more. It is legally risky to represent yourself as a Zumba® instructor if you have not gone through this training; in the Zumba instructor CV example, the job applicant has done the training. Instructors at gyms may teach a variety of Zumba® classes or carve out specialties.

Tips for Creating a Great Zumba® Instructor CV

Any Zumba® instructor CV must have information about certification and ongoing training. Beyond that, there are other good practices, including the following:

– Show personality. Successful Zumba instructors tend to build followings that expand gym membership enrollment, so an engaging personality helps. One way to do this is through the “Hobbies and Interests” section. Also list pertinent soft skills, such as enthusiasm and passion.
– List at least one previous gig teaching Zumba®. It need not be at a gym, but having something Zumba® on your CV helps. So, volunteer to teach a class at a church or recreational center, or through parks and recreation.
– Include non-Zumba® classes if relevant and to show yourself as a well-rounded candidate.
– List if you have a general group exercise certification; some gyms require one or require that you be working toward one. The job ad will not always say if you need this certification.
– Be mindful of trademarks. Zumba® is very strict about its trademark, and many job ads use it. You show professionalism and respect in your CV by using it as well.


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