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Physical Therapist Resume Sample


Searching for just the right physical therapy job can be painful, but we’re here to help you take the first step. With our expert tips and easy-to-use resume templates, you’ll be on your way to a dynamic physical therapist resume in no time.

To get a good leg up on the competition, be sure to create a resume that is well written and organized. Grab the employer’s attention with a strong summary statement, then follow it up with a clear list of your qualifications and experience.

When you’re ready to try your hand at your own physical therapist resume, be sure to take a look at our example down below.

Physical Therapist Resume Sample

Physical Therapist Resume Questions

1. What can you do to make your physical therapist resume stand out?

Focus on content and formatting to make your resume stand out among materials from other competitive applicants for a physical therapy position. Mention any areas of specialization in either your summary statement or qualifications section, particularly if an employer is seeking a candidate with this background. Include important keywords from the job description to clear an applicant tracking system (if an employer is using this technology) and impress hiring managers.

Good formatting can also help your resume stand out. Organize this document and make sure that it is easy for employers to skim. Use our physical therapist resume sample featuring bold section headings and bullet points as a template, along with our perfect resume builder.

2. How do you list schools in a physical therapist resume?

You should list schools in the education section of your resume. In addition to the names and location of institutions, also include specific degrees or professional credentials along with years of graduation or program completion. You may give your GPA if you are a recent graduate or wish to draw attention to your exceptional performance like the candidate on the resume sample.

3. How do you list certifications on your physical therapist resume?

If a position requires certification or licensing, you may want to mention your professional credentials in the summary statement or qualifications section of your resume. The candidate on our physical therapist resume sample brings up his license in the first word of his summary statement and creates an additional section for certifications beneath the education section.

Regardless of whether you choose to bring up these credentials early on, you should provide more details in either the education section or a certifications section. Give the year in which you became certified, the location where you are presently certified, and the certifying board.

4. How do you describe achievements on your physical therapist resume?

You can mention notable accomplishments and awards that physical therapy professionals and medical experts in related fields recognize and respect in your summary statement. Bring up recognition in past positions under the relevant entry in the work experience section or describe academic achievements in the education section. You also have the option to create a separate section for professional achievements.

5. How do you write the qualifications section of a physical therapist resume?

There are several ways to make the most of the qualifications section, which often takes the form of a bulleted list. Start by thinking of approximately 10 skills that you want to tell an employer about and describe your abilities using language from the job posting as well as concise terms relevant to the industry. The candidate in our physical therapist resume sample lists hard skills such as splinting and pain management as well as soft skills including organization and attention to detail.

Cheers to you for studying the Physical Therapist resume sample! See our Physical Therapist cover letter sample to finish your application.

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Resume Text

Jaxon Washington, PT

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Licensed Physical Therapist well-versed in a broad range of programming, treatments and modalities for restoring function and mitigating disability. Expertise in treating pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients. Collaborative team player with superior work ethic and interpersonal abilities.


Organized and detail-oriented
Gentle and skilled with therapy procedures
Splinting capability
Advanced anatomy knowledge
Medical terminology expert

Kinney system expertise
Pain management techniques
Medicaid billing competency
Case management expert
CPR training


February 2012 to Current
NC Orthopedic New Cityland, CA
Physical Therapist

Review physician referrals and patient medical records to formulate an accurate diagnosis and best course of treatment.
Routinely perform diagnostic and prognostic exams to evaluate muscle, nerve, joint, and functional abilities.
Expertly customize conventional physical therapy techniques to meet the specific needs of individual patients.
Recommend equipment and in-home modifications.

December 2007 to January 2012
Lincoln Therapy Associates New Cityland, CA
Physical Therapist

Worked with patients suffering from debilitating conditions such as back pain, arthritis, fractures, sports injuries, head injuries, strokes, and cerebral palsy.
Created individualized home exercise programs for outpatient therapy clients to improve health and wellness.
Assisted patients with physical movements to help restore function and lessen pain and disability.


2007 Pacific State University New Cityland, CA
Doctor of Physical Therapy

2004 Green Mountain College Wappingers Falls, WI
Bachelor of Science Biology

4.0 GPA


Licensed Physical Therapist, State of California, 2007-Present