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Resume Templates: 3D Modeler


Resume Templates: 3D Modeler

3D Modeler Resume Questions

1. What technical skills should you put on a 3D modeler resume?

The skills you include on your resume go a long way toward establishing your qualifications. Of course, for them to be truly effective, they need to be unique to you. You can see some of the most common technical skills to include on our 3D modeler resume sample. Additionally, you usually can find some of the skills that employers value by taking a look at the job description.

3D modeler is a highly technical position, so you should focus on going into details about the software you use and the different disciplines you have experience in, such as texturing, rigging, and animation.

2. How should you structure your 3D modeler resume?

There is a standard resume format that all jobseekers should follow closely. If you use our resume builder, you can create a customized resume that quickly and easily follows this structure perfectly.

If you want to write your resume manually, understand that there are four sections you must include. These are a summary statement, followed by the qualifications, experience, and education sections. Most hiring managers expect to see this standard format used, so do not deviate from the structure.

3. How can you highlight team experience on a 3D modeler resume?

3D modeling is a team effort, which means communicating your ability to work well with others greatly improves your chances of landing the job. One of the best ways to emphasize this quality, as well as any other professional trait, is to repeat it throughout the entire document. It is simple to include it in your summary statement, as a bullet point in the qualifications section, and under relevant positions in the experience section. We do not recommend trying to work it into your education section. You can see methods of mentioning attributes seamlessly in our 3D modeler resume sample.

4. How do you list certifications on your 3D modeler resume?

If you want to list your certifications on your resume, you may not know where to include this information. After all, there is not a certifications section in the standard structure. One option is to create a dedicated section or possibly combine this new section with your education or affiliations information.

Alternatively, you can simply include your certification information in your qualifications section. This is especially effective if you only have a few certifications to list, so we recommend this approach.

5. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a 3D modeler resume?

You can see what a strong experience section looks like by reviewing our 3D modeler resume sample. The optimal number of bullet points for each position is between five and eight. Of course, this is not a hard rule. For less important jobs, including fewer bullet points saves space and looks neat and organized. Going into details for the core positions and including up to 10 or 12 bullet points strengthens your chances.

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Resume Text

Chandler Bigglesworth

100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234



Skilled and creative 3D Modeler knowledgeable in wide array of modelling and texturing solutions. Portfolio contains range of innovative and successful projects that are both commercially and artistically innovative, including animation, architecture and product design. Working as part of a team or independently, gives every assignment high level of quality and detail.



  • Low and high poly 3D modelling

  • High resolution sculpting

  • Displacement mapping

  • Texture development

  • Gaming fields and trends

  • Wide range of tools and facilities

  • Concept drawing, VFX, modelling

  • Traditional art mythology

  • Study of anatomy and basic architecture

  • Constant reeducationin trends and tech

  • Easily coordinates with artistic teams


  • Z Brush

  • AutoDesk 3Ds Max & Maya

  • Blender

  • Vray

  • Photoshop

  • After Effects

  • Macromedia Suite

  • Visio

  • Vue


Work Experience

March 2007 to Present Amble GraphicsVerse, New Cityland, CA 3D Modeler

  • Worked on major projects, including content for motion pictures and graphic design for Fortune 400 companies.

  • Compose visual elements per art department and client specifications.

  • Design and generate characters, logos and organic models.

  • Collaborate with Art Director to manage project budgets.

  • Research animation market, trends and software to manage project currency and department functionality.

  • Monitor junior 3D modelers progress, training and mentoring as required.



2006 University of California, New Cityland, CA Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design