Banking Attorney Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: August 25, 2022
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Searching for a new job can be trying at times, but with an outstanding resume, you can get the banking lawyer position you want.  Your resume is one of the best tools you have to market yourself. Take this opportunity to highlight your unique skill set and proudest professional accomplishments. As a banking lawyer it’s important to make your resume stand out. You should do this by paying attention to the keywords in the job description. Use these keywords from the job description in your own resume. If the employer uses the term banking regulations, be sure to use that term. Make sure that you show your potential employers how you have helped banks in the past. Do this is by showing numbers and percentages of growth. Take a look at our bank lawyer resume templates to guide you as you write your own excellent resume.

banking attorney resume template

Banking Attorney Resume Questions

1. How should you present software knowledge on a banking lawyer resume?

You can show off your software skills in several sections of your resume. Some people choose simply to list their software knowledge in their skills section, which is simple and straightforward. If you want to show how you used specific software to accomplish a goal, you can list it under the appropriate company in your work experience section. This section allows you to attach quantifiable information to your software knowledge. Finally, if you have certifications in a specific software, you can provide this information either in the education section or in a separate licenses and certifications section.

2. How do you write the experience section of your banking lawyer resume?

Check out the banking lawyer resume sample for a good example of how to write your experience section. Each listing in this section should provide several key pieces of information followed by a bullet list of the things you achieved while at the company. Include the basic information of the name of the company, its location, your job title, and when you worked there. When writing your bullet points, try to create at least five but no more than eight. Start each one with a strong action word, focusing on quantifiable accomplishments over a basic list of your duties and responsibilities.

3. How do you make your banking lawyer resume stand out?

If you want your resume to stand out, use the same keywords and phrases you see in the job description. For example, the banking lawyer resume sample uses the phrase “banking regulations,” which was likely in the job description as well. In addition, use numbers wherever possible to show how the companies you previously worked for benefitted from your expertise. Dollar signs and percentages are especially helpful in the banking and legal industries. Finally, ensure everything is relevant. For example, acting as the treasurer of a college organization is relevant, but acting as the captain of your college soccer team isn’t.

4. What does a good banking lawyer resume look like?

A good resume is well-organized. Make each section noticeable by separating them with clear headers in a larger, bolder font than what you use for the rest of your information. Use bullet points for your skills section and for the accomplishments in your work experience section because they are easy to skim for the most important information. Remember to use a clear, professional font, such as Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana. Unless you are applying to a bank with unique branding, avoid pops of color and stick to black and white, which is best for legal and financial positions.

5. How many skills should you put on a banking lawyer resume?

The banking lawyer resume sample lists five skills, which is a good start. Ideally, your list will be at least five but no more than 10 skills. This keeps it readable without making it look like you don’t have any qualifications. Remember to list your most relevant skill sets at the top of the section. You can also use our resume builder with industry-specific text examples to help you write the perfect resume.

Resume Text

Leonard Wonderland
123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Highly educated and detail oriented Banking Lawyer with extensive experience within the financial services industry. Practical experience with major banks and savings and loans. Managed legal departments of major financial institutions with responsibilities that included regulatory compliance.


  • Proficient with banking regulations
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Outstanding speaker
  • Logical thinker
  • Capable leader

Work Experience

March 2010 to October 2012 Company Name
—City, State Banking Lawyer

  • Oversaw all matters pertaining to banking regulatory compliance at large financial institution.
  • Lowered incidents of regulatory compliance issues by 75% within six months.
  • Prepared all legal documents associated with regulatory compliance, including all reports required of governmental agencies.
  • Created comprehensive written reports to bank management team pertaining to regulatory compliance matters.

October 2012 to January 2014 Company Name
—City, State Banking Lawyer

  • Oversaw all matters pertaining to delinquent accounts, including foreclosures.
  • Litigated contract disputes and foreclosure cases on behalf of bank.
  • Oversaw legal team of four lawyers and other support staff members.
  • Prepared quarterly reports to bank’s board of directors on legal matters.

January 2014 to Present Company Name
—City, State Banking Lawyer

  • Served as chief legal counsel for largest bank in the state of California.
  • Responsible for managing all legal matters associated with the operation of the bank, including regulatory compliance, contract issues and litigation.
  • Managed legal department staff of 10 attorneys and 20 other support staff.
  • Enhanced efficiency of legal department by 25%.


2009 Washburn Law School, City, State Juris Doctorate