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Legal Assistant

What It’s like to Work In the Legal Field

A legal assistant, or paralegal, is the right hand of a practicing attorney, helping to draft correspondence and legal documents, taking formal statements and affidavits, handling exhibits and researching facts for assigned cases. A legal assistant’s day can be fast-paced while helping attorneys prepare for trial or quietly meticulous while reviewing documentation and organizing files. As legal assistants can specialize in areas such as real estate, family law and criminal law, they may have a great deal of contact with clients and witnesses throughout the course of their day.

Benefits of Working in the Legal Field

The rewards are bountiful for those who train as legal assistants and find just the right position using a skillfully worded legal assistant cover letter. These legal assistants are unique situated for helping people at times of uncertainty and crisis, and they play a vital role in the legal process. When working for corporations, government offices and law firms, legal assistants are well-compensated, earn wide-ranging benefits and often enjoy many supervisory and management growth opportunities.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Jobs in the legal field are growing, but they are extremely competitive. A succinct and articulate legal assistant cover letter can put an applicant at the top of the hiring list, while a poorly written legal assistant cover letter can languish in an unseen pile. It takes a considerable amount of training, skill and expertise to become a qualified legal assistant, so it’s important to highlight that knolwedge base, experience and specialization. Showcasing these abilities in a professional and powerful legal assistant cover letter helps potential employers instantly see how the candidate could fit advantageously into their organization, opening up exciting job prospects for the applicant.

Legal Assistant Cover Letter Example