Apartment Leasing Agent Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: May 02, 2022
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As an apartment leasing agent, you will be the public face of an apartment complex. An employer will be looking for someone who is organized, friendly, and fun to work with. Let your resume showcase your talents and qualifications to potential employers. If you are hired as an apartment leasing agent, a large part of your job description is dealing with potential and current tenants. You need to be adept at running a background check, be able to complete personal interviews with tenants, and assist in evicting bad tenants. Apartment complexes come in all shapes and sizes, so do mention if you specialize in a certain type such as assisted living, low-income, or student living. A competent, experienced apartment leasing agent keeps a complex running smoothly. Let your resume show potential employers that you have what it takes to be an invaluable member of the team. Need more guidance? See the apartment leasing agent sample resume below for more examples of resume success.

apartment leasing agent resume template


Apartment Leasing Agent Resume Questions

1. What does a good apartment leasing agent resume look like?

Before you begin writing your resume, think about the best way to structure it. There actually is a standard resume format that you should follow to improve your chances as much as possible. You can see this standard format on our apartment leasing agent resume sample. The first section should either be a summary statement or an objective statement, which the qualifications section should follow. Both of these opening sections should be brief. The third section, however, should be the largest and strongest part of your document. The experience section details your previous jobs. Finally, the education section should be short and simple.

2. How do you write an objective statement for an apartment leasing agent resume?

There are only a few situations where it is better to use a resume objective statement instead of a summary statement. Objective statements are better for jobseekers with little or no experience in the field the resume is for, whether they have never worked before or make a switch. The objective statement describes your goals with the job. Be sure to say more than that your goal is to land the job. Talk about how long you hope to stay in the position and whether you intend to advance to higher positions. To guide you, think about which information employers would want to know.

3. How do you write the qualifications section of an apartment leasing agent resume?

The qualifications section should take the form of a short list of bullet points that describe your skills and abilities. Each bullet point can either be a single word or a short phrase. Most importantly, you should only list professional abilities that relate to the position directly. To know which skills to include in this section, take a look at our apartment leasing agent resume sample. Another way to find out which skills each individual employer prioritizes is by studying the job description carefully.

4. How do you list schools in an apartment leasing agent resume?

The education section should be the shortest section of your document. This means very little information is actually necessary. You need to include the name of your schools, the date you graduated from each or the expected graduation date, and the type of degree(s) you earned. Unless asked for it specifically, do not mention your GPA.

5. How do you optimize your apartment leasing agent resume for an ATS?

An ATS, which stands for Applicant Tracking System, can filter out applications that do not meet the employer’s expectations. The best way to make sure your submission isn’t flagged is to include similar language and keywords as the original job description. Additionally, simply following our apartment leasing agent resume sample goes a long way to ensuring your document makes it to the hiring manager’s desk. Our resume builder is another amazing tool to create a resume that matches employer’s expectations perfectly.

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Resume Text

Boris Halstrom
123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Determined Apartment Leasing Agent who follows a very thorough process while screening each potential tenant. Adept at doing background checks, doing personal interviews with potential tenants and assisting in the removal of bad tenants. Specializes in low-income apartment complexes and family-oriented apartments.


  • Comprehensive understanding of local, state and federal low-income rental laws
  • Able to separate emotion from business
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Able to administer even the most complex instructions
  • Dedicated to serving the apartment owner and tenant
  • Enjoys developing strong relationships with tenants

Work Experience

April 2010 to February 2015
Tenant Properties – City, State
Apartment Leasing Agent

  • Responsible for doing all background checks on new tenant applications and setting up tenant interviews.
  • Assisted in maintaining strong relationships with existing tenants and working on tenant issues to find good solutions.
  • Responsible for staying up to date on all laws regarding apartment renting and leasing.

September 2006 to April 2010
Gordon Estates – City, State
Apartment Leasing Agent

  • Responsible for reporting the results of all potential tenant background checks to management.
  • Worked with facility maintenance to develop policies regarding tenant use of common properties.
  • Assisted in maintaining the complete database of rejected and accepted tenant applications.

July 1999 to September 2006
Company Name – City, State
Apartment Leasing Agent

  • Maintained company database regarding all tenant applications.
  • Responsible for executing background checks on all potential tenant applications.
  • Assisted in administering all tenant eviction notices.


1999 Haliburton University, City, State Bachelor’s of Science, Business