Animal Control Officer Resume Example

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: January 11, 2024
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animal control officer resume example

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Denise Snow

123 Fake Street
New Cityland,CA91010
Home: (555) 987-1234
Cell: (555) 987-1234

Professional Summary

Experienced Animal Control Officer with a passion for animals. Possesses strong animal behavior management skills and the ability to carry out humane removal and relocation. Specializes in investigating cases of animal abuse.


  • Knowledge of humane animal treatment
  • Experience capturing domestic and wild animals
  • Understanding of local ordinances
  • Communication and time management skills
  • Exceptional observation skills
  • Organizational skills with emphasis on hygiene

Work Experience

June 2003 to October 2007

Company Name – City, State Animal Control Officer

  • Responded to calls to enforce local animal control regulations.
  • Issued citations for violations of animal control laws.
  • Used investigative resources to remove multiple dogs from dangerous situations.
  • Restrained wild animals and lifestock that escaped from safe areas.
  • Provided food and water for animals.
  • Notified owners of care given to pets.


November 2007 – February 2015

Company Name – City, State Animal Control Officer

  • Prepared investigative reports for administrators.
  • Transported animals to and from local shelters.
  • Responded to distress calls to remove abused animals.
  • Rescued more than 100 animals in seriously injured condition.
  • Held community meetings to increase awareness about animal safety.


2003 University of California, City, State Bachelor of Science, Veterinary Science