Statisticians are the analytical wizards that help institutions analyze data, identify trends and make informed business and policy decisions. No matter what your specialization is — creating accurate surveys, data management or analysis — our resume examples and tips for different statistics jobs will help you build your own professional resume for this field.

Top statistics resume examples

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How to build your resume for an statistics career

Prepare for a successful career as a statistician using our templates and tips to rise in the following positions:

Career Track: Data Science

Data science uses mathematics, algorithms and programming skills to analyze data that aids in business and IT strategies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), industry engagement of statisticians is slated to grow 30% over the next few years, much higher than the average for all other occupations.

Data Analyst $70,306 Median salary

Resume Format

Functional Resume

This format is ideal for those who are just starting out in this industry, as it focuses on groups of key skills instead of work experience.

Summary statement tip

Emphasize your analytical and communication skills, both of which are important for analysis. Also mention any activities or internships you’ve had that show your analytical capabilities. For example: “Committed, meticulous data analyst with experience handling financial data as a non-profit volunteer.”

Skills to feature

  • Proficiency in mathematics and numbers
  • Assimilation and analytic skills
  • Proficiency in basic office software
  • People skills
  • Communication skills

Get to the next level

Additional training and experience in these areas will help:

  • Technical skills such as statistical theory and survey methodology
  • Training in database software packages like Excel and Amazon RDS
  • Courses in analysis tools like MatLab

Data Scientist $95,000 Median Salary

Resume Format

Resume Format: Combination Resume

This format lets you focus on specific skills as well as experiences from previous jobs that fit data science work, such as data assimilation, analysis and reporting.

Summary statement tip

Emphasize a specific achievement or two from previous work, using metrics that reflect your proficiency. Also feature skills that relate to communication and reporting.

Skills to feature

  • Effective time management
  • Advanced math skills
  • Superior data management skills
  • Efficient creation of data tables charts and figures
  • Proactive reporting

Get to the next level

Emphasize your organizational and people development skills, and gain more experience in training and managing teams. You should also look to add certifications and skills in:

  • Data organization
  • Computer competency in R, MatLab
  • Business-related database management

Senior Data Scientist $131,705 Median Salary

Resume Format

Chronological Resume

For this higher-level position, use the popular chronological format, which offers a robust work history section in which you can detail your experience in this field, with an emphasis on achievements in data mining and prediction.

Summary statement tip

Write about a specific case where you have provided solutions based on accurate predictions and results tracking. Emphasize your data-mining abilities using state-of-the-art methods, or an instance of effective leadership or guidance you provided to a team.

Skills to feature

  • Experience with common data science toolkits
  • Multitasking
  • Data visualization tools
  • Good applied statistical skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication

Get to the next level

Showcase your inter-team and inter-department coordination skills in your resume, focusing on quantifiable results in these areas. You should also further develop your abilities in these areas:

  • Understanding of network architecture and information technology
  • Proficiency in query languages
  • Statistical testing and regression
  • Understanding of data techniques and algorithms

Career Track: Business Analysis

Business analysis uses data to identify business needs and provide solutions through process improvement, policy development, strategic planning or software development. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts management analyst jobs to increase by 11% by 2031 — a high rate compared to other occupations.

Business Analyst $86,610 Median Salary

Resume Format

Functional Resume

This format highlights your skills and qualifications, and is appropriate for job applicants who are just starting out in this field. Emphasize your abilities in analyzing data to draw business-relevant conclusions, and in data visualization techniques and tools.

Summary statement tip

In a few sentences, highlight your expertise by mentioning pertinent technical and soft skills, such as generating process documentation, or problem-solving abilities.

Skills to feature

A successful business analyst should be adaptable to changing environments, and feature skills such as:

  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Ability to conduct stakeholder meetings
  • Excellent presentation and time-management skills
  • Documentation and writing skills
  • Good listening skills

Get to the next level

Roles such as lead business analyst, IT business analyst or product manager are the next step after this position. Aim to become a subject-matter expert in your particular field, and gain additional knowledge of best practices and project management through training, webinars or CBAP study groups.

Lead Business Analyst $106,633 Median Salary

Resume Format

Combination Resume

As this position requires a few years in the field, go for a combination format, which highlights both your skills and relevant achievements. Highlight your accomplishments with metrics whenever possible (e.g., “Used data to streamline existing processes in the Accounting Department, saving 12% in annual costs”).

Summary statement tip

Highlight your analytical skills that have helped solve problems and maximize performance. Also draw attention to your skills in managing a team of analysts and how you implemented procedures. For example, “Over ten years of industry-wide experience in business analysis and project management. Adept in SDLC and AGILE methodology, business intelligence and GAP analysis. Proven track record of leading and training a team to enhance business analysis functions.”

Skills to feature

  • Product management
  • Business analysis
  • Client support
  • Effective communication
  • Pragmatic marketing
  • IT strategy
  • Agile methodology
  • Technical support
  • SQL for relational databases
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Six Sigma
  • Rational Unified Process

Get to the next level

Continue accumulating extensive practical knowledge in data importing for flow charts and spreadsheets, as well as successful experiences overseeing solution design, development and implementation. Also seek opportunities to lead business analyst teams, further displaying your leadership skills. More training in data modeling and  use of cases, and general business development  will also provide you with skills and tools to step up in your career.

Management Analyst$152,703 Median Salary

Resume Format

Chronological Resume

This format is appropriate for experienced analysts, as it shows steady career growth via an expanded work history section. Be sure to emphasize both your technical proficiency as well as your ability to lead teams to productive outcomes.

Summary statement tip

Mention achievements that touch on important qualifications such as organizing data, processing information, recommending solutions to meet business demands, inventory management, critical thinking and proficiency in database applications.

Skills to feature

  • Analysis and evaluation of complex data
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Prioritizing time efficiently
  • Collaborating with different internal departments and external clients
  • Preparing presentations
  • Managing data sets
  • Excellent writing and mathematical skills

Get to the next level

In addition to continuing to perfect your organizational, mathematical and analytical skills as well as your expertise in developing solutions and improvements, look to gain more formal training in areas such as management consulting, along with specializations in areas of marketing, economics, accounting and business.

Recommended statistics resume templates

Get an edge on other job applicants by using our professionally-designed resume templates to create and customize your document with our resume builder.


This template uses a simple, tidy layout, with section headings placed in the left margin for easy reference.


This design highlights your name and contact details using color, while organizing summary, skills and work history sections into quadrants.


This layout uses a dark header to highlight contact details, with each section divided by subtle but distinct lines.

Choose from these layouts or try out more free designs at our resume templates page.

Statistics resume FAQ

How should you organize your resume based on your career level?

Every resume should answer one central question: How can you contribute to an organization’s success? For more junior-level jobs which don’t require as much work experience, showcase strong teamwork skills, including any relevant activities and internships. For a more experienced role, highlight relevant skills, and focus on accomplishments that show both technical ability as well as management capabilities.

For more details related to resume formatting, please visit our resume format page.

What qualities and traits are employers looking for in this industry?

Feature these popular skills in a resume for a statistics position:

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to identify problems and provide solutions
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage deadlines
  • Leadership and team skills
  • Analytical and mathematical skills
  • Proficient with computers and technology

What other useful certifications and training should you pursue for this job category?

Apart from analytical and mathematical skills, training and certifications in the following areas will help brand you as a dedicated, knowledgeable statistics professional:

  • Advanced degrees in statistics and mathematics
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Statistics and Data Science Micromaster Certification
  • Statistics Certification with R
  • Courses in statistical inference, regression models and reproducible research
  • Training in methods and statistics