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4 Common Satellite TV Technician Installer Interview Questions & Answers

Successful interview preparation means more than just reviewing your resume and cover letter. While interviewers will ask general questions about your previous experiences and characteristics, you need to be prepared to field questions that are specific to your industry. Employers want to know information that is not necessarily contained in your resume or cover letter. For this reason, it is a good interview practice to prepare answers for commonly asked satellite TV technician installer interview questions.

Knowing what your interviewer is likely to ask can help you organize your thoughts and come up with insightful and informative answers. To help you through this process, we have listed some frequent questions together with sample answers. Use these as a guideline to prepare your own answers to satellite TV technician installer interview questions so that you can impress your interviewer and get the job you want.

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4 Satellite TV Technician Installer Interview Questions & Answers

What do you do when you encounter unexpected problems on the job?

The first thing I do when faced with an unexpected problem is assess the situation and decide whether I am able to take immediate action to deal with it. If not, I go on to determine what needs to be done in order to allow me to proceed with the installation. I find out whether I or my company can offer a solution or whether a different professional needs to be called in. To the best of my ability, I clearly inform the customer of the nature of the problem, what steps can be taken next and an approximate likely timeline for the process. For example, I had an appointment for satellite installation, but when I got to the home, I discovered that there was an obstruction on the roof that would interfere with the installation. As I was not qualified to remove the obstruction, I let the customer know that this issue needs to be dealt with by a professional roofer. In all cases, I am also guided by company policy as to allowable actions by its technicians. If in doubt, I contact a supervisor for clarification.

In addition to possessing technical skills, installers also interact with customers in their homes. Please tell me how you approach customer interactions.

As an installer, I am aware of my position as a customer service provider. I understand that it is not just my job to perform the installation in a technically competent manner, but also to ensure that the customer is satisfied. With this in mind, I begin my visit by being as punctual as possible; if I am running late due to unavoidable delays, I inform the customer as soon as feasible. I make sure to greet the customer in a friendly and polite manner and to provide clear information as to what I will need to do and which portions of the customer's property I will need to access. I also respect the customer's property by leaving it as clean and neat as I find it. When a customer has questions or concerns, I endeavor to address those clearly and comprehensively. If I am not able to provide answers, I offer the contact information for someone who can, in accordance with company policy.

Please tell me about the steps you take to ensure that your installations are performed well.

In order to do the best possible job as an installer, I keep myself up to date on technological advances in terms of materials, equipment and tools. I continue to educate myself as to best practices as well as company guidelines, if any. To keep my equipment at peak function, I regularly inspect and maintain it as well as ensure that it is properly stored at all times.

Can you tell me about a substantial conflict that you had with a coworker?

I cannot say that I have had any very serious conflicts. Several times, I have had disagreements with coworkers as to issues such as scheduling or the proper installation or repair method. In all of these cases, I employed interpersonal skills and flexibility to come up with a compromise that was agreeable to all. In general, I make sure to cultivate rapport with coworkers and supervisors. It is important to me that we all work as a team to provide the best possible service to our customers.

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