Flight Attendant Cover Letter Example + Tips

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When you apply for a new job, your cover letter is your first chance to make an impression. That makes it crucial, and the need to craft a competitive letter urgent. To get an idea about which professional skills you should emphasize when you apply for your next flight attendant job, check out the free flight attendant cover letter sample included below.

Dear Ms. Blue,

My career as a flight attendant is relatively short, but my interest in hospitality and the travel industry goes back to my first job in a hotel. I was pleased to see your company’s opening. I believe that between my skills and my attitude, I am an ideal fit for the flight attendant position open at your company.

In addition to my year of experience in the airline industry already, I have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality services and experience in various positions in the hotel industry. This unique resume puts me in the position of having a broad base of customer service skills. I am also a fast learner, which is helped by my tendency to learn best by cross-training.

My experience has led me to develop an interpersonal communication style that is both reassuring and assertive, which made me an ideal choice to coordinate disaster drills and similar emergency response situations in my previous occupations, and I believe those skills also translate well to the requirements of this job. As your company’s listing notes, you need applicants with an ability to make safety procedures clear even in emergency situations and to reassure passengers when they become apprehensive.

As a fully trained flight attendant with experience in the workplace and in the industry more generally, I believe I would be the ideal addition to your team. I would love to have the opportunity to discuss why in an interview.

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What to Include in a Flight Attendant Cover Letter

This free flight attendant cover letter sample shows attention to both the industry’s needs as a whole and the particular job listing from the specific company in question. That is what makes it effective. As you write yours, work on incorporating both your personal experience and a selection of industry-specific basic skills in ways that specifically answer the job ad in question.

Industry Specific Skills

Industry specific skills are the key to demonstrating your professional competence. Use them in the central paragraphs like the free flight attendant cover letter sample does, and they will form the backbone of your proposition that you are great for the position.

● Service-oriented: Being a flight attendant is a customer service job. That means everything from actually serving meals to answering questions, so having a service mindset is essential.
● Reassuring: Flight attendants are often called on to help reassure passengers who become apprehensive during flight.
● Organized: As part of the flight crew, you will need to work with other airline employees to make sure the plane is fully prepared for departure.
● Strong communicator: Every part of the flight attendant’s job is communication, making this skill an essential foundation.