Emirates flight attendants enjoy one of the most glamorous air cabin crew jobs in the industry. They work hard, present a flawless professional image, and get paid to travel the world. With nearly 200,000 applicants per year, the competition for these positions can be tough, but you’re sure to stand out with a stellar resume.

Flight attendants are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers during flight. They need to be organized, detail-oriented and have excellent communication skills. Your resume for a position with Emirates should include specific examples of your abilities in these areas, along with your dedication to quality customer service. It’s also helpful to note that you enjoy travel, meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and working as a team player.

Use our invaluable Emirates flight attendant resume templates to build a compelling resume and land an excellent opportunity!

emirates flight attendant resume sample


Emirates Flight Attendant Resume Questions

1. How do you highlight soft skills on an Emirates flight attendant resume?

While job descriptions may not specifically list soft skills, it is a good idea to point them out when they relate to the job you are applying for. You can include a couple of them in the professional summary, but the best place to showcase them is in the work experience section. Use facts and figures to describe skills such as effective communication, good work ethic, and positive attitude.

2. How do you describe achievements on your Emirates flight attendant resume?

The best way to describe achievements on your resume is to quantify them and use action verbs. Most hiring managers will skip right past applicants who just list duties and responsibilities. Words such as coordinated, executed, operated, organized, oversaw, and delivered are all effective verbs to describe how you perform your job.

Combine these with percentages or numbers to demonstrate how you can be of value to the company. Focus on how you solve problems, meet goals, save money, and implement processes. You can see this in the Emirates flight attendant resume sample.

3. What does a good Emirates flight attendant resume look like?

When you look at a good resume, the first thing you may notice is it is easy to read. The format is simple, which allows the important information to stand out. Use bullet points in the skills and work history sections to keep the items easy to read quickly. Typically, a resume is one page long, but if you have extensive experience over a 15- to 20-year period, you may benefit from a longer document. Take a look at the Emirates flight attendant resume sample to get an idea of how an effective resume looks.

4. What can you do to make your Emirates flight attendant resume stand out?

One way to make your resume stand out is to begin with a strong professional statement. This can grab the attention of the recruiter and urge him or her to continue reading. It also helps if you incorporate words from the specific job description. This can show the hiring manager you are detail oriented and help you look like you belong with the company.

Only include information that is relevant to the position, and make sure your contact information has two good ways to reach you. Glance at the Emirates flight attendant resume sample to get an idea of how this looks.

5. How can you highlight team experience on an Emirates flight attendant resume?

Working as a team is important as a flight attendant, so make sure you demonstrate this in your resume. You can list it as a skill, but a more effective way to showcase this trait is to describe it in the work experience section. Point out how you achieved success and met goals by working with others and how your individual skills assisted in the task. Would you like more help in writing your resume? Our resume builder provides step-by-step guidance, which can result in a winning document.

Resume Text

Belinda Walters

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000

Attentive Emirates Flight Attendant that is dedicated to making each passenger’s experience as pleasant as possible. Adept at handling passenger roll call, taking care of flight cabin needs and doing flight inventory prior to take-off. Specializes in domestic and international flights.


  • Certified in air safety and rescue procedures
  • First aid and CPR certified
  • Recognized three times by the company for delivering excellent service
  • Excellent customer communication and presentation skills
  • Always in excellent physical shape
  • Maintains a strong professional attitude at all times

Work Experience
August 2010 to February 2015
Emirates Air Bronson Terminal – City, State
Emirates Flight Attendant

  • Helped to make changes to pre-boarding procedures that made the process easier but stayed within federal guidelines.
  • Awarded by the company for having the highest customer satisfaction rating four months in a row.
  • Enjoyed working closely with the passengers to insure the very best possible passenger experience.

September 2004 to August 2010
Emirates Air Elliott Terminal – City, State
Emirates Flight Attendant

  • Assisted in cleaning the plane after a flight and prior to boarding.
  • Provided necessary information to federal officials who needed to see flight manifests and passenger lists.
  • Often helped in emergency situations where a passenger needed some type of medical assistance.

June 1994 to September 2004
Company Name – City, State
Emirates Flight Attendant

  • Assisted in pre-board plane check for each flight.
  • Worked with the cabin flight crew to take care of any issues with the pilot and co-pilot.

1994 Ashton High School, City, State
High School Diploma