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Assistant Branch Manager Cover Letter Example + Tips

When you are applying to be an assistant branch manager, you need to have a great cover letter to show how you are prepared for the job. If the person in charge of hiring reads your letter and it’s poorly written, it can be detrimental to your chances of landing the job. Your cover letter should include specific examples of how your skills or work experience translate to being an assistant branch manager. Consulting this free assistant branch manager cover letter sample will help you gain a clear understanding of the process.

Dear Mr. Kay,

I have always been highly organized and good at managing my time. That combined with my passion for finance is what makes your open assistant branch manager position so appealing. My degree in finance management and my work experience make me the perfect person for the position.

While working as a teller and shift leader at the Good Banking Company, I learned how to collaborate with my fellow workers to complete daily tasks and take care of customer needs. As shift leader, I was in charge of training new employees and settling disputes between coworkers.

I also have experience working as an assistant branch manager. I spent four years as the assistant at the west side location of the Right Finance Bank. I helped the bank manager with her daily duties and took over full management duties while she was on maternity leave. My record as assistant branch manager showed fewer errors and higher profits than the branch had experienced in years. I feel I could use my skills to do the same as your assistant branch manager.

I am a good leader, great at making tough decisions, and my education and experience make me the perfect candidate for the assistant branch manager position at Citizens Credit Union. Thank you for taking the time to consider my resume, and please call me to discuss my qualifications further and to schedule an interview.

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What to Include in an Assistant Branch Manager Cover Letter

Your cover letter should be as specific as possible for the job you want. Be sure to mention the assistant branch manager position and to keep your cover letter under five paragraphs. Your tone should be professional while still showing your passion for your career choices. This free assistant branch manager cover letter is a great start but you should make it specific to your qualifications and experience.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Your cover letter should highlight your skills as in the free assistant branch manager cover letter sample, but the following list might be helpful to you as well.

● Organizational skills: Assistant branch managers have to be able to organize employees, money and customer documents.
● Math skills: At the heart of an assistant branch manager’s job is the ability to be around large sums of money. Math skills come in handy when calculating accounts.
● Communication skills: The only way to be an effective manager is to be able to communicate with your employees, your superiors and your customers.
● Analytical skills: Assistant branch managers have to help managers make tough decisions, and analytical skills make this easier.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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