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Help Desk Cover Letter Example

Job Descrpition & Responsibilities

The nature of working at a help desk makes it challenging due to the perceived immediate need of the people who call in. You will constantly be dealing with people who are frustrated and want answers. You will be an integral part of a company. Help desk agents usually work with a team, provide support to every aspect of a company, solve problems, improve efficiency, and work at a fast pace. This job is perfect if you like to think on your feet and enjoy doing different tasks every day. The average salary is around 37,000 dollars. With a well-written help desk cover letter, you can apply to jobs with a maximum salary of up to 49,000 dollars.

Required Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

Help desk agents are typically required to have a Bachelor’s degree in a computer science field, though there are some internships and other positions that you may be able to attain while pursuing such a degree. A help desk agent will also need to possess strong written and verbal communication and customer service skills, a knowledge of computer hardware and software programs, and an understanding of wired and wireless networks. It’s always helpful to have professional industry certifications in addition to the required education to make your help desk cover letter and résumé stand out.

Writing a Help Desk Cover Letter

It’s important to include a cover letter when applying for any position, but it’s especially important to write a help desk cover letter to highlight what makes you unique and a valuable team member for the company. In your help desk cover letter, you should be sure to list your qualifications — especially if you hold any certifications above what are required.

Review help desk cover letters like the one below and model yours after the one that best showcases your abilities and excitement about the position.

Help Desk Cover Letter Sample