IT Manager Cover Letter Example + Tips

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While the resume plays an important role in being hired, a strong cover letter is necessary to attract employers to your resume. There is only so much you can do to stand out with your resume, but your cover letter demonstrates what sets you apart from all the other candidates. A great way to ensure your letter is up to industry standards is to consult a writing guide. The following free IT manager cover letter sample will help you create a spectacular letter.

Dear Mr. Butler,

As a working professional in information technology, I am very interested in the IT manager position you have listed. I believe my experience in this field has more than adequately prepared me to work with your company. I am excited to apply my acquired skills to a full-time position.

The job description suggests that the most important aspect you are looking for is leadership. I spent nearly three years in a leadership position with a marketing company in their technology department. During this time, I developed a significant aptitude for delegating tasks, communicating with employees working under me, and assessing and taking charge of a situation. I am confident that I possess the skills necessary to fulfill the requirements for this leadership position.

I have also gained a thorough knowledge of the technical side of information technology from a career in IT spanning more than eight years. My specific IT focus areas include consultation, support, server setup and maintenance, and project planning.

I am prepared to begin working immediately. I greatly appreciate your consideration and would welcome the opportunity to further discuss this job opening with you in an interview.

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What to Include in an IT Manager Cover Letter

The most important aspect to remember when writing a cover letter is to be specific to the job opening you are applying for in order to make it clear you are not sending identical cover letters to multiple companies. You can be sure that your cover letter will appeal to a specific business by matching the tone and style of the job posting. Keep your cover letter short and focus on the experience and acquired skills that make you a unique and qualified candidate. Also make a point to communicate your excitement for being considered for the position, as seen in this free IT manager cover letter sample.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Just like the points in this free IT manager cover letter sample, always mention skills that are relevant to the field the job is in. You should pay special attention to skills listed in the job description. The following list includes just a few skills that relate to IT managers:

● Leadership: As a manager, you must easily lead a team of IT engineers.
● Technical knowledge: The head of the IT department is expected to have and in-depth knowledge of the employed technology.
● Detailed: Information technology is a precise field that requires attention to details.
● Communication: IT professionals must frequently interact with employees from all departments, and management positions have an especially high communication requirement.