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Cover Letter Examples

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To move from being a paralegal to an attorney, you need experience and a good legal cover letter. A legal assistant or legal secretary who wants to move up will need to put together a legal cover letter that really highlights their resume. A hiring manager looking to hire a good arbitration representative will need an impressive legal cover letter as a starting point.

Job Responsibilities

A good legal cover letter will show how an office administrator can add value to a firm. If you want to be a medical claims adjudicator, then you’ll need the right qualifications on a good legal cover letter. In the legal profession, the primary job responsibilities are executing contracts, reviewing legal materials, and keeping case paperwork organized. A legal coding specialist has just as much to do with a case as the legal billing clerk. A good legal cover letter will show off the skills of both of these professionals to any hiring manager who needs those kinds of backgrounds.

Educational Requirements

An entry level position, such as a legal receptionist, requires a legal cover letter with at least a high school diploma on it. A paralegal and legal assistant need to show at least a two-year degree. Once you get into the high profile legal cover letters, you’ll need a four-year degree and several years of law school as well. The educational requirements of a legal cover letter are strict, but it’s all part of the industry.

Salary Expectations

The entry-level positions on a legal cover letter start at a pay range of approximately $22,000 per year. The more advanced legal cover letters with significant college degrees and experience will bring salaries of approximately $110,000 per year and more.

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