Production Assistant Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A strong cover letter can improve your chances of getting the job. Using your cover letter to highlight and describe your industry specific skills and abilities is the first step to getting noticed. Read through this free production assistant cover letter sample and start creating your own eye-catching pitch.

Dear Mr. Larson,

During my time as a marketing student at UCLA, I developed a strong passion for marketing and media production. Your production assistant position naturally stood out to me. My educational and intern experiences have given me a solid foundation in the industry and make me the perfect candidate for the job.

Your listing indicates that you are looking for a candidate who can work with clients and create reasonable production timelines. As an intern for a large Los Angeles-based marketing company, I was often responsible for taking client phone calls, scheduling production shoots, and creating accurate material production timelines. I was able to successfully balance multiple clients while also working with the creative staff to ensure a strong finished product.

In this position, I also learned a lot about marketing strategy. I was given the responsibility of assessing results, and I worked with my boss to understand how campaign results could be used to drive future marketing strategies. Additionally, I was involved in the creation of marketing materials including pamphlets, mailers, emails, and PR materials. I also took on a large portion of social media campaigns. This position provided me with hands-on experience across the board.

I have developed a broad understanding of the industry, and I am ready to begin immediately. Thank you for your time and consideration. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss my experiences further.

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What to Include in a Production Assistant Cover Letter

Here are a few tips to consider as you work on developing a strong cover letter. First, you want to maintain a professional tone as you describe your qualifications. Additionally, you want to make sure that you are providing specific detail and experiences that are not found in your resume. You want to avoid repeating resume details. Finally, as demonstrated in the free production assistant cover letter sample, you want to specifically acknowledge the hiring manager’s time and invite him or her to further discuss your potential.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

An effective cover letter should be tailored to the open position and desired qualifications. The following qualities can be helpful as you apply for a production assistant position. You can use them to further add to the free production assistant cover letter sample above.

● Communication: You will be working closely with both clients and colleagues to create appropriate media.
● Creativity: You will be expected to create new and attractive materials.
● Computer skills: You will be responsible for creating and editing a large number of images, media, and documents.
● Visual skills: It is important that you are able to clearly see and edit visual materials.