Today’s job market is competitive, and that has led many people to embrace the idea of adopting a curriculum vitae, or CV, rather than a resume. CV documents are generally a little longer than other options for presenting your professional self, but they are still quite polished and precise documents. Check out the tips for writing yours alongside this electrical apprentice CV example to learn how to put your best professional foot forward as you seek a job. By studying examples and reading tips, you can make sure your CV stands out when you apply for your next position.


Lynn Michaels

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Determined professional electrician with training to the apprentice level and a wide range of related work experience in the construction trades. Self-motivated with past jobs in both plumbing and general contracting as well as a two-year degree in HVAC repair and the appropriate certifications. Currently seeking a position that will make use of recently acquired electrical apprentice credentials while providing opportunities for further training and experience.

  • Adept at the use of all standard electrical tools, including voltmeters and other testing equipment necessary to the safe practice of this trade.
  • Skilled with carpentry tools needed to access electrical wiring in walls and repair shorts.
  • Excellent communication skills with customers, including the ability to break down complex chains of cause and effect to help them understand why repairs are necessary and which have been completed.
  • Detail-oriented organizational skills that support the reporting of proper billing information and labor reports to the central office.
  • Cheerful, service-oriented attitude.
  • Broad range of construction skills that support a well-rounded understanding of the construction trades.
Work Experience
HVAC Technician-
August 2014 – Present


Company Name

  • Provide installation and repair for home furnaces and central air conditioning units.
  • Communicated HVAC issues with customers and implementing solutions.
  • Provide written reports and billing information to the home office to facilitate administrative best practices.

Plumber’s Assistant
April 2013 – August 2014


Company Name

  • Provided support and labor under the direction of a master plumber for the purposes of advancing to journeyman status through training and education.
  • Aided in problems solving during emergency calls to help minimize water damage for homeowners.
  • Maintained an equipment inventory and provided for the regular assessment and maintenance of all tools.

Laborer – American Made Buildings
February 2010 – April 2013




  • Provided on-the-ground support during the construction and renovation of homes.
  • Completed such tasks as hanging drywall, basic carpentry practices, and setup/teardown.
  • Responsible for daily tracking of job locations and transportation to each job site as needed.


High School


Allendale High
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

Outside of my work life, I still enjoy working with electrical components in my spare time. That’s why I have been an avid radio controlled car fan with several custom models in competition. I also enjoy building my own computers and working on projects around the house, including wiring my shed and other outbuildings for light and heat.



Electrical Apprentice Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Electrical Apprentice Do?

Electrical apprentices represent the entry-level job available to those interested in pursuing a career as an electrician. Typically, apprentices are limited in the tasks they may perform, and those limitations are based on the individual credentials they hold. These credentials are fairly specific and may include operations like electric sign repair and basic installation. As the apprentice gains experience and studies, there are opportunities to advance to both the journeyman and master electrician roles over time. To get there, though, electrical apprentice candidates need to gather experience, which is why it is important to find a job that will help nourish your budding career. Using the electrical apprentice CV example alongside these tips is a great way for you to do just that because it provides you with a solid example of a working CV to use.

Tips for Creating a Great Electrical Apprentice CV

Keep these tips in mind as you read over the electrical apprentice CV example so you can write a strong, appealing CV that helps you land your next job:

  • As an entry-level position, electrical apprentice jobs typically emphasize “soft” skills like customer service, so make sure you draw attention to those skills.
  • Past work experience for these kinds of jobs is rarely directly related to electrical work, but it helps if you have at least done some building, construction, or contracting work. Emphasize it.
  • Remember, attitude goes a long way. Ensure your word choice and tone in the CV match the professional attitude you plan on bringing to the job.
  • Generally, CVs are built to provide a rounded image of a job candidate, so don’t neglect areas like your hobbies and interests they help employers understand you in a “big picture” way.
  • Remember, your professional summary is the way your prospective employer can understand how your past experiences fit together to make you a great candidate for the job.

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