Large companies that rely on internal networks covet the skills fiber optics technicians provide. The high demand for such professionals can drive up the level of competition in the job market. With so many qualified individuals seeking such jobs, you need to be able to set yourself apart.

Having a well-composed curriculum vitae to share with hiring managers does that. Included here is a fiber optic technician CV example along with some basic writing guidelines to help you create your own employment reference document. Including this alongside applications can help give you a distinct advantage in your job search.

Ted Thomas

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Fiber optic technician with over six years of experience seeking career advancement. Specialty is premises cabling, having served as an IT maintenance technician for the last four years. Educational background is in electrical engineering with an emphasis in hardware maintenance and installation. Known for meticulous attention to detail, which helps in both installing hardware correctly and quickly pinpointing issues during service calls. Have worked in both the apprentice and mentor roles, which has helped develop good communication skills when training new employees and explaining issues to non-technical staff.

  •  Expert-level understanding of fiber optic cabling as well as internal network system components.
  •  Familiar with component testing software programs and their reporting functions.
  •  Recognized for speed and precision in cutting, splicing, and installing cable while still staying within the limits of safety protocols.
  •  Working knowledge of ideal server area environmental conditions as well as fire prevention, containment, and suppression techniques.
  •  Comfortable working in any conditions.
Work Experience
IT Maintenance Technician
May 2013 – Current



  • Handle the fiber optic cable management for regional office of national security monitoring provider.
  • Work closely with facility manager to maintain a weekly service schedule of all fiber optic wiring components, which includes system testing and visual inspections.
  • Maintain a quarterly repair and replacement schedule to help ensure that all cables are replaced every 18 months.
  • Respond to service calls when network issues are deemed to be the result of hardware failures.
  • Coordinate with maintenance staff to review fire prevention checklist for cabling components during monthly inspections.

Hardware Analyst
April 2012 – May 2013



  • Worked with regional property management company that provided IT services as part of product portfolio.
  • Assisted the lead electrical engineer in creating component maps for facilities and determining the hardware needed to support internal networks.
  • Negotiated with local component manufacturers to set up quarterly bulk purchase orders for equipment.
  • Installed fiber optic cabling during office construction and renovation projects.
  • Participated in facility safety inspections with county officials prior to projects being completed.

Fiber Optics Apprentice
June 2011 – April 2012




  • Served as an apprentice to licensed fiber optic technician in advance of earning personal certification.
  • Assisted with network hardware maintenance for local server farm.
  • Coordinated with other technicians to create an environmental maintenance schedule that included routine temperature and HVAC checks, as well as fire suppression system tests.
  • Ran tests on cable components in areas identified as the source of system issues.
  • Replaced cables and outlets in conjunction with monthly service schedule.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


College of Engineering -Georgia Institute of Technology
City, State
Certified Fiber Optics Specialist/Testing and Maintenance


TWP Data Server Specialists
Hobbies and Interests

Member of local robotics club that displays homemade robots at local hobby conventions. Avid cyclist who participates in several road races every year. Fan of science fiction films and graphic novels.


Questions for Your Fiber Optic Technician CV

 What does a good fiber optic technician CV look like?

You can choose from several formats when writing a CV. Which is correct depends on your particular career path. As a fiber optic technician, your strength lies primarily in your technical expertise. Prospective employers will tend to care more about your ability to properly install and maintain wiring than to creatively craft a document.

Thus, the optimal format for a fiber optic technician CV is one that is clean and professional. It should be straightforward in sharing your skill set, work history, and educational qualifications. For step-by-step instructions on choosing the ideal format, consult our resume builder tool.

 How do you write an objective statement for a fiber optic technician CV?

There may be times when an applicant uses an objective statement in lieu of a professional summary (just as the applicant has done in the fiber optic technician CV sample shown here). Career placement professionals recommend only doing this in certain scenarios, as your applying for a new job already implies a desire to progress in your career.

Pursuing a management position or changing a career path are the most common scenarios where you may state an objective to your job search. Be clear in expressing which of those situations applies to you.

 How do you optimize your fiber optic technician CV for an ATS?

To better identify qualified applicants, companies may use applicant tracking systems to screen candidates. These are software programs that read the text on resumes and applications, searching for common industry lingo. Using such phrases in your CV implies that you have previous experience in the industry.

A thorough review of a job listing will often reveal the keywords and phrases an ATS looks for. These are those terms that you find repeated throughout a listing. Once you find them, use them in your CV. The skills section is one place in particular where keyword loading can produce optimal results.

 How do you write the qualifications section of a fiber optic technician CV?

You can see here that the applicant includes his qualifications in the fiber optic technician CV sample. He presents them neatly using bullet points, which allows readers to quickly identify important information.

Notice too that while a majority of the skills listed demonstrate his technical knowledge, the applicant also points out his adaptability to different work environments. Soft skills such as this are often highly coveted by employers.

 How do you write the experience section of your fiber optic technician CV?

Your previous work experience demonstrates your ability to apply your skill set in real-world scenarios. A prospective employer wants to see the impact that your work has had. Therefore, instead of simply listing your past job duties, describe them in a way that shows the value you brought to your previous employers.

Follow the example shown in the fiber optic technician CV sample and only include relevant work history in this section. Do not list positions whose roles and responsibilities would not apply to your new job. Do not go back more than 20 years when detailing your previous jobs. The only exception to this would be if you spent a majority of that time with a single company.

Fiber Optic Technician CV Must-Haves

What Does a Fiber Optic Technician Do?

If this is your first foray into working in network hardware maintenance, the fiber optic technician CV example included here should give you a good idea as to the roles and responsibilities that come with such a job. Still, it is helpful for you to know in greater detail what tasks may be assigned to you once you’ve secured a job.

Fiber optic technicians install and maintain the cabling used to support an internal network’s infrastructure. Thus, in such a role, you’re expected to have a basic understanding of network architecture and component system requirements. You also need to know troubleshooting techniques so you can quickly address issues in order to avoid outages.

Most technicians specialize in premises cabling, or on-site operations. However, you can also work as an outside plant fiber optics technician, installing cabling systems between locations either along climb poles, underground, or even underwater.

Tips for Creating a Great Fiber Optics Technician CV

The biggest obstacle many encounter when creating a CV is maintaining a professional tone throughout. This requires using the right terminology while also omitting unnecessary information and details that can distract readers or lose their attention. To help ensure that your CV accomplishes its intended purpose, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Avoid using technical terminology that human resource managers may not understand. At the same time, avoid including slang terms that undermine your attempts at sounding professional.
  • Organize your important information using bullet points. This keeps the details you want to share from becoming lost in a paragraph. Use no more than five bullet points in any particular section.
  • List both past work experience and your degrees and certifications in chronological order.
  • Do not include any past work experience that doesn’t directly apply to the job that you’re seeking
  • Do not rely solely on spellcheck or other tools to review your completed document. Read it over several times yourself to check for any errors or omissions.

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