Any human resources professional knows how important it is to have a compelling CV when looking for a new job. While your education and work history are both essential parts to qualify for a new position, many hiring managers won’t even consider you if your CV doesn’t sell your skills and expertise. Many job candidates struggle with the specific writing process and wording techniques usually seen in a CV. You can master this kind of writing if you follow the recruitment CV example shown below.


Wendy Arnold

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Enthusiastic and experienced human resources specialist with a proven record of exemplary results for the past 17 years. Effective methods of recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring top employees for successful firms. Strength in processing paperwork quickly and accurately to provide companies with a more streamlined process. Friendly and personable with an ability to get along with everyone and work effectively with team members. Commitment to going above and beyond and providing outstanding support to employees throughout their careers.

  • Exceptional communication skills, both orally and in writing, when interviewing or communicating with potential employees or current staff members.
  • Highly capable of operating various computer software programs for a human resources department, such as ADP Workforce Now, HRMS, Recruiting Wizard, Resume Robot, and more.
  • Strong background in and knowledge of recruiting practices and procedures, such as resume analysis, interview techniques, labor laws and regulations, and personnel management.
  • Understanding of the principles of business operations, leadership techniques, delegating responsibilities, and administration of paperwork.
  • Detail oriented and committed to staying organized through using effective task management strategies.
Work Experience
August 2012 – present


  • Evaluate job applications, cover letters, and resumes to select the best-qualified individuals who match the job description and company goals.
  • Counsel new employees when hired in regards to salary level, employee benefits, job duties, and other procedures to start off successfully.
  • Implement a new system of recruiting qualified individuals for job openings by targeting specific demographics in job advertisements, reducing the time needed for talent searches.

Human Resources Specialist
December 2007 – August 2012


  • Updated all company publications and paperwork to reflect all current federal and local regulations related to hiring and employment.
  • Communicated with job applicants through the phone or via email during the interview and hiring process.
  • Reduced new employee attrition rate by 35 percent by continuing to provide routine checks and correspondence to new hires after the initial interview and contract signing.

Human Resources Specialist
January 2000 – December 2007



  • Created and led a new employee orientation session that detailed company policies and provided a breakdown of all job responsibilities.
  • Performed background checks on potential new hires and followed up on researching different aspects of a job candidate’s qualifications and experiences.
  • Revised the employee handbook and updated all applicable materials to reflect new operating procedures, resulting in an increase in new hire productivity by 15 percent.


Master of Science in Human Resources


Baylor University
City, State
Bachelor of Arts in Communications


University of Houston
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

When the work day is over, I enjoy participating in a figure skating club. As a child, I was a competitive ice dancer, and now I volunteer my time as a coach and mentor to young figure skaters. Every week, our club also offers a free class to children and adults with special needs.


Recruiter Job Overview and Tips

What Does Recruitment Do?

The recruitment CV example can help you get started on creating a stellar job application for this line of work. It’s also important to understand what a human resources specialist may do on a daily basis at work. Human resources specialists focus on helping businesses recruit, hire, and retain talented staff members. They might be involved in recruitment events and work with management to go through job applications to find the best candidates. Those in this position often look through resumes and compare them to job descriptions. Sometimes, a human resources specialist could be part of the interview process for new employees. They are often responsible for a new hire’s paperwork and may work on training, new employee orientation, and other activities to help acclimate new staff members to a corporate culture.

Tips for Creating a Great Recruitment CV

Knowing what to write for an effective CV that helps you get a job in human resources is a challenge. You can make it easier for yourself by following these tips:

  • Make an impact with a strong professional summary statement that gets a hiring manager’s attention and makes a case as to why you’re a perfect candidate.
  • Use strong and clear action verbs throughout your CV to illustrate your previous experiences and accomplishments to a future employer.
  • Give evidence of your ability to interview job candidates and review resumes or job applications within your CV.
  • List your software program expertise in the field of human resources so an employer can see how qualified you are for the position.
  • Take advantage of the skills section of the CV and provide even more proof of your ability to do the job by addressing required skills from the job description.

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