Hiring managers are more likely to take notice of your application and you as a professional if you have a winning curriculum vitae that touches on your professional qualifications, skills, and work history. Take a close and careful look at the security CV example below to get a solid idea of which sections to include in your own CV and how to format it in a way that makes you look like a true professional worth noticing. There are also writing tips provided to help you even further in drafting your very own CV.


Sheila Duke

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Mid-level security guard with six years of experience working in a variety of work environments and commercial buildings. Excel at striking a balance between being cordial yet firm with people when the situation calls for it. Knowledge of the latest security measures, local crimes, threat prevention methods, and security responses. Keen observation skills allow me to perform thorough patrols of my work area and spot potential dangers and security risks that need to be remedied. Trained in taekwondo for three years, and engage in ongoing training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for two years now. Certified and licensed in the use of firearms and various non-lethal weapons, such as extendable batons, escrima sticks, and knives.

  • Superior written and verbal communication skills to provide guests, students, and coworkers with proper instruction.
  • Active listening skills necessary to understand inquiries, concerns, and statements.
  • Able to quickly determine the proper course of action in various situations to keep things under control and to influence the best outcome.
  • Strong memory, which allows me to know when something is out of place during patrols and better recognize potential security threats.
  • Thorough knowledge of state and federal laws.
Work Experience
Hotel Security Officer
December 2015 – Present



  • Patrol lobby, building exterior, and parking garage during shifts to ensure guest safety and curtail potential security incidents.
  • Work with other security officers to see that every area of the hotel is under proper surveillance.
  • Monitor security cameras in public areas of the hotel and ensure feed is backed up to computer for proper recordkeeping.

Campus Security Officer
January 2013 – December 2015



  • Escorted students to and from night classes when requested to do so.
  • Patrolled campus during regular rounds on foot and on cart to ensure student safety and to provide an environment conducive to learning.
  • Responded to and followed up on security calls at dorms, fraternities, sororities, and on-campus apartment buildings.
  • Maintained a presence at school functions to provide students, faculty, and attendees with peace of mind in regards to their general safety.

Gaming Surveillance Officer
February 2011 – January 2013




  • Used video and audio equipment in an observation room to keep an eye on casino activities.
  • Monitored casino operations for suspicious or criminal activity, and to ensure guests didn’t become overly intoxicated or belligerent.
  • Ensured all industry laws, regulations, and rules were adhered to in the daily operations of the casino.
  • Contacted the police, medical emergency services, or fire department as necessary.


Master’s in Public Safety and Security


Heller University
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice


Brooks University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy playing various card and board games with friends and family, which help boost my mental acuity while I spend time with loved ones. I’m an avid weightlifter and also enjoy yoga and Pilates to keep me in good physical shape and to keep the stress of my work at bay.



Hotel Security Officer Job Overview and Tips

What Does Security Do?

Someone employed in the security sector is tasked with protecting people and enforcing laws as well as any special rules or regulations upheld by the company for which the security professional works. To carry out their duties, security guards monitor CCTV cameras and alarms, control access to specific areas, carry out security checks, patrol their work environments, and write up reports of their observations. There are also times when a security professional might have to act as a witness during a criminal investigation or detain violators.

Security professionals are employed in a variety of environments and industries, such as casinos, college campuses, hotels, nightclubs, airports, museums, banks, and various commercial buildings. Be sure your CV touches on your ability to carry out these duties, as you see demonstrated in the security CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great Security CV

A few best practices to bear in mind while drafting your own security CV with our CV maker include the following:

  • Do mention any special training, education, or certification you have in your CV.
  • Don’t add anything to your CV that might be deemed too personal, political, or religious.
  • Do have someone proofread your CV for grammatical errors.
  • Unless it’s your only education, it’s best that you not include a high school diploma in the education and training section of your CV.
  • Do feel free to use sentence fragments in your CV, as you see demonstrated above.
  • Don’t forget to use action verbs as the first word in your work experience section.

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