It can be a difficult challenge to land a new job, especially if there are many candidates that you have to compete with. One of the best ways to catch the attention of employers is to focus on creating a strong curriculum vitae that communicates everything they need to know in order to hire you. It should include information about your previous working experiences, professional attributes, as well as education and personal information. It can be tricky to create a CV that matches the expectations that employers have. Use this monitoring and evaluation specialist CV example to get started.


Carla Rodriguez

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Dedicated and committed monitoring and evaluation specialist with nearly 10 years of working experience. Proven track record of improving output rates while developing the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to thrive. Excellent communication skills for relaying information for improvement and process changes and familiar in leadership and management positions delegating tasks to a team of employees. A candidate that combines strong interpersonal skills with extensive production technical knowledge.

  • Strong analytical and evaluation skills developed over long career
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, as well as professional and interpersonal
  • Extensive experience with administrative tasks and standard corporate operations
  • Highly organized, familiar multitasking, developed critical thinking and decision making skills
  • Experience in position of leadership while managing a team of employees
Work Experience
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
2014 to present



  • Explain M&E guidelines during daily production operations and to new recruits during regular training programs.
  • Evaluate the production process, identifying areas that need improvement or alterations and making recommendations for changes.
  • Assist struggling production team members to meet quotas, fulfill requirements, and cooperate, implementing empathy and active listening skills.
  • Create reports of output data on a monthly basis, compiling information from all areas of production.
  • Present findings at quarterly board meeting, making recommendations for improvements and acting as an M&E consultant to executives.
  • Improved output numbers by nearly 15 percent over three years of work.

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
2012 to 2014



  • Oversaw special projects and assigned unique roles to best utilize staff talents.
  • Provided guidelines to operational team and answered inquiries to enable them to succeed.
  • Monitored all aspects of operations on a daily basis.

Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant
2008 to 2012




  • Assisted monitoring and evaluation specialist in all aspects and provided support when requested.
  • Relayed information from M&E specialist to other specialists, employees, or technicians.
  • Aided productions staff in optimizing output and improving technique.


Master in Business Administration Candidate


University of Albuquerque
City, State
Bachelor in Business Administration


University of Albuquerque
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I try to run on a daily basis and play basketball with a local league to stay fit. I also try to travel to foreign countries when I am able and immerse myself in different cultures. I volunteer some of my time with local charity organizations, as well.



Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Do?

It is especially common for monitoring and evaluation specialists to work in international companies. These professionals may work in many different industries, meaning specific required technical knowledge will be unique to each individual job opening. The responsibilities of monitoring and evaluation specialists are similar to those of consultants and operations managers. They monitor the production or operation of a business and create reports to be presented to high management professionals. They identify areas that can be improved and make recommendations for how those improvements can be made. Some of the best qualities to emphasize for your CV were also seen on the above monitoring and evaluation specialist CV example. Analysis and critical thinking are the most important, followed closely by strong communication skills. Management experience and leadership skills are quite appealing for this position. Finally, you can fill your CV out with organizational qualities or administration abilities.

Tips for Creating a Great Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist CV

Because employers have such high standards for a CV, you should polish yours with these writing and formatting tips and our CV maker:

  • Focus on your experience section. This is what employers are most interested in, so you should be sure to include the best information possible. It should also be your longest section.
  • Do consider the appearance of your CV. The content is most important, but what employers think when they see it at a glance is also important. Gaps of information look bad, and big unbroken blocks of text are intimidating.
  • Do not make your CV too long or short. The best length possible is one full page, unless you have more than 10 years of working experience, in which case it is acceptable to use a second page.
  • Format your experience section following the standard exactly. List your previous positions in reverse order, with only your current position in present tense. All others should be in past tense. Finally, you should always begin every bullet point with a strong action verb that captures your responsibilities.

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