To draw the eye of potential employers, you need a CV that is far more than just a list of your previous jobs. You want to present a comprehensive and effective picture of the skills you will bring to a position. Our business process analyst CV example shows how you can use various techniques to make your strengths stand out. We also offer writing tips to guide you in drafting your own CV that showcases your professional achievements. Reviewing these materials will help you get off to a good start as you begin your job search.


Richard Wilkins

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced business process analyst with proven track record of leading major projects. Implemented organization-wide standardization of invoicing systems. Managed launch of streamlined payment systems, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Proficient at identifying user needs and finding optimal solutions. Effective team leader who excels in motivating and organizing team for optimal performance. Track record of coming up with innovative solutions to reduce costs, streamline operations, and improve security. Expert at identifying existing and potential problems and working to eliminate them.

  • Proficient in a variety of business applications
  • Technically accomplished and creative problem solver
  • Proactive and motivated team leader
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Deep understanding of business principles and needs
  • Quick learner who is committed to staying at the cutting edge of IT, networking, and application technology
Work Experience
Senior Business Process Analyst
May 2013 – Present



  • Analyze business data and input from internal and external users to improve systems.
  • Monitor and optimize current processes.
  • Work with business managers and executives to identify and correct process issues.
  • Test, monitor, and optimize systems applications.
  • Train and manage junior systems analysts.
  • Lead team of systems analysts, assign projects, and monitor performance.
  • Manage cross-functional projects and coordinate inter-departmental teams.
  • Identify and recommend new business process solutions.
  • Formulate department goals and implement steps for their achievement.

Business Process Analyst
September 2007 – May 2013



  • Streamlined internal processes by working with department managers to identify all process requirements.
  • Improved information gathering and data access for managers.
  • Identified and minimized security risks by working with maximally secure applications and adapting existing scripts.
  • Identified and eliminated redundancies in payment processing application.
  • Studied company-wide processes and ensured compatibility of applications.
  • Advocated for in-house training to ensure analysts are up-to-date on newly developing technology.

Business Process Analyst
June 2005 – August 2007




  • Monitored and maintained applications, ensuring proper updates and compliance with requirements.
  • Analyzed data and prepared reports.
  • Identified and fixed problems with existing processes.
  • Worked with users to gather input and increase ease of using applications.
  • Migrated legacy system to updated applications.


Master in Business Administration


State University
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


State University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Long-standing interest in modern art and sculpture. Enjoy visiting museums and galleries. Stay active with rock-climbing, long walks, and swimming. Volunteer at local community arts center. Fluent in French and Spanish.



Business Process Analyst Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Business Process Analyst Do?

Business process analysts ensure that business processes are operating at an optimum level. They monitor and troubleshoot existing processes, working with various departments to ensure that the processes meet the needs of the organization. Analysts may work for businesses of various sizes, non-profits, and government agencies. Employers look for analysts who are highly pro-active in coming up with new solutions and improvements. As an analyst, you will need to keep up with new developments in your field. As shown in our business process analyst CV example, a great analyst performs best when he or she possesses a good understanding of an employer’s business needs. The ability to communicate well is key to understanding requirements as well as explaining solutions to non-technical users. Your CV should emphasize your technical knowledge and also your “soft” skills, such as communication and leadership.

Tips for Creating a Great Business Process Analyst CV

These guidelines and our CV maker will help you present your qualifications clearly and effectively:

  • Employers look for analysts with proven accomplishments. Include specific ways in which you have improved your company’s situation.
  • Use action verbs to highlight your skills and achievements; avoid passive constructions. For example, instead of stating you were responsible for a particular operation, state that you led, managed, launched, implemented, or supervised it.
  • Format is important in making it easy for employers to glean relevant information quickly. Use spacing, headers, and bullet points to make your qualifications stand out right away.
  •  Make sure to include complete and accurate contact information so that employers can contact you easily. Check your e-mail address and your voicemail greeting to ensure that both are professional.
  • Even a small error can detract from the impact of your CV. Proofreading several times can help you avoid costly mistakes. Keep in mind that your word processor’s spellcheck program can miss several types of errors.

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