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Resume Templates: Floral Designer


As a floral designer you are creative, passionate, and have a keen eye for design. You will need to draw attention to these important attributes while writing your resume. You may be stressed out while you’re searching for a new job, but having a stellar resume will help you land that position you’ve been eyeing.


As a floral designer, it’s almost a given that you will have a beautiful sense of composition, strong knowledge of both flowers, and floral arrangement. While it’s important to draw attention to these skills, you should also showcase your soft skills. Make sure your future employer knows that you have great communication, collaborative, and leadership skills.


Looking for more ideas? Check out our floral designer resume templates to help you as you design your own unique resume.


Resume Templates: Floral Designer

Floral Designer Resume Questions

1. How do you make a floral designer resume for a first job?

If you have never worked before, your resume should cover the skills that make you a qualified candidate for a floral designer position. Describe floral arrangements you create as a hobby or an informal service or favor for family or friends in the experience section of your resume. You may also list extracurricular activities or volunteer work in this section. If you are not sure how to write a resume, use our floral designer resume sample as template for our personalized resume builder.

2. How do you write the qualifications section of a floral designer resume?

The qualifications section of your resume should reflect the requirements for the floral design job you want. The candidate on our resume sample draws attention to her computer skills, network of clients, customer service and negotiation skills, and experience working with artificial and live flowers.

In addition to these qualifications, the candidate on our sample also points out soft skills such as her enthusiasm, drive, and willingness to work long hours to excel at floral design. This combination of skills and her client network makes her resume stand out as a strong contender for a floral designer position.

3. What can you do to make your floral designer resume stand out?

Two ways to make your resume stand out include using metrics whenever possible and describing places where your work is on display. Prospective employers are more likely to notice a resume from a designer with many projects in a portfolio or on display.

The candidate on our floral designer resume sample states that some of her arrangements remain in prominent buildings and goes on to point out that she has experience working with high profile clients, developing trade show materials, and running a booth. All of these skills may help her stand out to an employer seeking a skilled floral designer.

4. How do you describe achievements on your floral designer resume?

There are several places where you can describe achievements on your resume, depending on the type of award or honor. Mention any major recognition of the quality of your floral design work in your summary statement or qualifications section. List awards won in previous positions in the relevant entry in your experience section. If your work draws a lot of recognition, you may want to create a separate section for achievements.

5. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a floral designer resume?

Go into enough detail about past positions for prospective employers to get a sense of how your skills have developed over the course of your career. The candidate on our floral designer resume sample lists three points under each entry in her work experience section. Limit the number of points you make in this section to keep your resume short and easy to skim, but go into enough detail to support the experience and skills you describe in the preceding resume sections.

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Resume Text

Grace Upton 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234


Creative Floral Designer who has done work with silk flowers that is still on display oin prominent buildings throughout the city. Adept at turning a client’s idea into reality, meeting client deadlines and offering creative input that enhances a client’s final product. Specializes in corporate and wedding floral designs.


  • Exceptionally strong computer skills
  • Genuine enthusiasm and drive to do the work
  • Maintains a strong network of dedicated clients
  • Excellent customer service and negotiation skills
  • Works long hours for love of the job
  • Experienced in a wide variety of live and silk flowers

Work Experience

July 2012 to February 2015 Gus’ Flowers – New Parkland, CA Floral Designer
  • Responsible for doing all corporate arrangements with real or silk flowers.
  • Responsible for doing all wedding floral designs for high profile clients.
  • Assisted in developing trade show booth materials and running the booth at large trade shows.
September 2006 to July 2012 Thomas And Sons – New Parkland, CA Floral Designer
  • Assisted in designing the floral arrangements for several large corporate customers.
  • Often asked to do small wedding design work on tight deadlines.
  • Assisted in creating marketing materials for on and offline use.
June 2000 to September 2006 Floral Pros – New Parkland, CA Floral Designer
  • Often worked with customers directly on floral designs for weddings.
  • Responsible for creating retail designs that would sit in the shop for sale.
  • Assisted in developing window displays using silk flowers.


2000 Senger Senior High School, New Parkland, CA High School Diploma