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Looking for a new job can be intimidating, but there are steps you can take to prepare yourself for the task. Hiring managers will use your application materials to formulate their first impressions of you, so one of the smartest things you can do is take the time to create a CV that is sure to make the cut. The research officer CV example and writing guide shown here hold some great tips for developing your own CV. Keep reading for some useful pointers about content, formatting, and more.
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Gina Dawson

333 Starlight Lane, Towson, MD 90909

E: P: 1234567890

Professional Summary

Extroverted research assistant seeking to use my experience with social science and statistical analysis to contribute to the success of a research team. Driven by passion for developmental psychology and enthusiasm for discovery. Investigative personality motivates me to perform all work tasks thoroughly. Meticulous planner and organizer, adept at tracking and responding to numerous details. Proficient with lab management software and statistical analysis software.

    – Trained in principles and methods of social science research. – Comfortable talking to strangers on the phone and in person. Able to put others at ease and maintain a friendly manner at all times. – Extensive experience using SPSS to perform data analysis tasks, including finding p-values and creating frequency tables. – Practiced technical writer, capable of interpreting data sets and translating them to text for research papers. – Skillful organizer, able to implement and maintain intuitive organization systems for both office and personal use.
Work Experience
Research Assistant
2016- Present

  • Support child development psychologists executing a longitudinal study about the relationship between parental marital status and quality of life.
  • Advertise for potential test subjects, assess advertisement respondents, and sign up qualifying respondents as participants.
  • Obtain informed consent from participants and their guardians.
  • Administer intake surveys. Input survey data into study database.
  • Check data tables for accuracy and make necessary corrections.
  • Developed questionnaires for use in portion of study. Performed reliability and validity testing on questionnaires and redesigned them until they exceeded standards. Questionnaires are now used in study protocol.
  • Converse with incoming research subjects to put them at ease before entering testing.
  • Draft laboratory grant proposals. Have obtained two grants in the past year.
  • Maintain laboratory financial files, tracking laboratory expenditures and payment of subject reimbursement.

Research Assistant

  • Contributed to developmental research study examining relationship between early childhood experiences and long-term outcomes.

  • Discovered robust correlation between length of longest-held friendship and overall reported satisfaction with life.

  • Presented research findings at National Psychological Center’s annual conference.

  • Edited early drafts of research reports, making them ready for publication by catching grammatical and mathematical errors.

  • Trained and guided undergraduate research assistants.

  • Helped two undergraduate students develop a behavioral coding scheme for laboratory video footage.

  • Explained behavioral coding techniques and addressed areas of misunderstanding.

  • Educated undergraduates on use of laboratory server.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

  • Created film designed to elicit emotional responses from test subjects. Film has been shown to over 600 test subjects and is still in use.
  • Administered instructions prior to test exercises.
  • Input data into SPSS, running descriptive analysis and creating frequency charts.
  • Called research subjects to verify identity information and remind them of upcoming visits.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Towson University

Hobbies and Interests

Red Cross volunteer, primarily serving as a house fire respondent. White water rafting enthusiast. Novice rock climber. Accomplished baker and four-time winner of Maryland Eats Pie Baking Contest.

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Research Officer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Research Officer Do?

Research officers work in social science labs helping social scientists carry out studies and experiments. They support the research staff through a variety of methods, including lab management, subject orientation, and data management and analysis. Research officers are responsible for tracking information from hundreds of research subjects, so they must be exceptionally organized. In your CV, you should indicate you have strong background knowledge of social science research methods and can put this knowledge into action. To assist with your job duties, you should have command of data analysis software and database management software. The candidate in the research officer CV example emphasized her communication skills. This is important because research officers serve as the faces of their labs and must communicate extensively through a variety of methods.

Tips for Creating a Great Research Officer CV

– Having a background in the social sciences is helpful for research officers because it tells the person reading your CV that you are already prepared for the requirements of the job.
– If you have previous experience working on research projects, make sure to include the results or outcomes of your contributions. For example, you could mention the frequency tables you developed were published in the research article about your study.
– Before you submit your CV, convert it to a PDF and inspect it for formatting flaws. If necessary, rework your CV to eliminate any widows and orphans.
– Entry-level applicants should keep their CVs to one page. However, do not make the mistake of using a tiny font just to include more information. Your font should be no smaller than 10-point.


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