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Whether you have a single year or a full decade of experience in the workforce, you can make a CV that stands out and sells yourself properly. You can be reasonably certain that all the other job applicants are going to submit CVs that essentially state the same basic information you have. You need to take it to the next level much in the same way this warehouse manager CV example does. It shows the exact formatting you want to have. There are also some bonus tips that follow it to give you some additional guidance.
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Ted Guerrero

3409 Chadwick Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 11111

E: tedguerrero@anymail.com T: 555-655-3455

Professional Summary

Driven warehouse manager with years of experience working in demanding environments. Able to stay on feet for hours at a time performing intensive manual labor. Excellent leadership skills and ability to lead a team to great success. Exceptional organizational skills to keep track of thousands of products without a single one getting misplaced. Keen eye for detail to locate areas of improvement.

    – Monitoring skills to check on warehouse workers and ensure everyone remains effectively on task – Critical thinking skills to find alternative solutions to problems – Exceptional trunk strength and ability to lift over 70 pounds – Knowledge of how to use supply chain software, such as TECSYS EliteSeries – Expertise regarding how to properly use forklifts and pallet trucks
Work Experience
Warehouse Manager
September 2015 – Present

  • Prepare departmental budget each quarter and speak with management to acquire more funding when it is required.
  • Supervise activities of all workers and assign tasks based on an individual’s skillset.
  • Interview job candidates and make new hires based on a person’s experiences and skills.
  • Develop maintenance and progress reports and send them into management.
  • Create safety guidelines on how to use every piece of machinery and successfully reduced the number of injuries in the warehouse to zero in 2016.

Shipping Supervisor
March 2013 – September 2015

  • Reviewed expense reports to locate areas that could be improved upon and reduced budgetary requirements by 10 percent.

  • Scheduled pickups and reached out to potential new clients to set up consistent orders.

  • Tracked goods while they were en route and informed clients of the status along the way.

  • Examined invoices and reached out to clients who fell behind on payments; able to work out financing methods that helped over a dozen clients pay on time.

Shipping Manager
June 2011 – March 2013

  • Advised on specific transportation changes to make company’s operations flow more efficiently.
  • Identified methods to reduce the company’s carbon emissions.
  • Arranged to obtain proper documentation for packages that were sent to clients overseas.
  • Inspected physical condition of packages before they left the warehouse.
  • Performed routine maintenance on vehicles and equipment.

Associate Degree in Project Management

Scottsdale Community College
Scottsdale AZ

Hobbies and Interests

I like staying in shape, but rather than constantly going to the gym, I like exercising in nature. I love hiking around all the beautiful mountain ranges in the area. I also love renting a boat and spending some time on the local lakes. There is just something so serene about the area.

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Warehouse Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Warehouse Manager Do?

Warehouse managers are responsible for overseeing the activities that go on in the workplace and ensure everyone is working efficiently. They may develop safety protocols everyone else is required to read and show new hires how to properly use equipment. Additionally, managers most often play an active role in the hiring process and typically sit in on interviews. Warehouse managers also prepare budgets, review invoices, inspect the overall condition of the warehouse, track goods after they have shipped, and advise the billing department on any action that should be taken regarding a client’s account. Finally, managers should always be looking for ways to improve the organization’s operations. You can get an idea of other duties that will be expected of you by reviewing the warehouse manager CV example again.

Tips for Creating a Great Warehouse Manager CV

After you have a rough draft of your CV ready, analyze it once more to make sure these tips are implemented:

– Proofread your CV yourself and have someone else read it over to ensure there are no typos before you send it in.
– Be concise when writing your CV. Include important details but leave out anything that could be viewed as superfluous.
– Show off your expansive vocabulary by using a number of verbs to begin bullet points under Work Experience.
– If you have a college degree, you do not need to state you graduated from high school on your CV. If high school is your only education, you can still leave it off if you graduated a while ago.
– Managerial skills are the most important to emphasize throughout your CV, so mention your expertise in communication, leadership, and quality control processes.
– Stay between 10 pt and 12 pt font when typing your CV.


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