Media & Entertainment Resume Examples

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Here’s A Few Of Our Resume Samples

Lane Server
Lane Server
Are you a bowling fanatic? Do what you love by writing a lane server resume that helps you stand out.
Counter Desk Attendant Equipment Specialist
Counter Desk Attendant Equipment Specialist
Enjoy a fun career by perfecting your counter desk attendant equipment specialist resume.
Shift Leader
Shift Leader
Do you want a fun managerial job? Our shift leader Resume Sample will help you achieve just that.
Birthday Party Host
Birthday Party Host
Have you been called the life of the party? Make it your profession by submitting a well-written birthday party host resume.


Few documents are more diverse than a media and entertainment resume. A media and entertainment resume can cover everything from a lane server to a counter desk attendant equipment specialist. Your media and entertainment resume can show off your skills as a shift leader, but the hiring manager may be looking for a birthday party host. Whether you are starting off as a dishwasher or you want to be a senior photographer, your media and entertainment resume will definitely be unique.

Job Responsibilities

A media and entertainment resume could include positions from a wide variety of industries. You may be a busser or server at a restaurant, or you may be an actor or actress out looking for work. Your media and entertainment resume needs to be tailored to your specific skills and industry. If you want to be on a film crew, then your media and entertainment resume needs to show that you have the ability and the experience. If you want to be a bartender at the hottest nightclub in town, then your media and entertainment resume is going to be much different.

Educational Background

As with your job responsibilities, the educational background on your media and entertainment resume needs to be specific to your job. If your media and entertainment resume is for bartending, then you need to have a good bartending school listed. If you want to be an actor, then you need to show what acting schools you have attended in your media and entertainment resume. For the most part, the general educational background you are going for in a media and entertainment resume is at least a high school diploma.

Salary Expectations

The diversity of a media and entertainment resume means that your career could start at an entry-level salary of $18,000 per year and then go well over $100,000 as your media and entertainment resume gains more experience and success.

Entertainment Resume Questions

1. How do you write an entertainment resume?

Though the entertainment industry is one that emphasizes creativity, your entertainment resume should not deter too much from the standard resume format. Recruiters across all industries spend an average of six seconds looking at a resume before moving on. For this reason, the first 15 to 20 words of your resume need to make a huge first impression. The entertainment industry is about standing out, so show your individuality via an engaging yet brief professional summary. This should come right after your header and only be two to three sentences in length. Follow this section up with six to eight skills, listed in bullet format.

When you detail your professional experience, do so in chronological format. If you do not have professional entertainment experience, list your work experience in order of most to least relevant. Refer to this entertainment resume sample for an idea of how to do this.

2. What can you do to make your entertainment resume stand out?

The goal of any resume is to stand out from other candidates. Use your words to do this. Use industry-specific lingo and keywords pulled verbatim from the job description. Back up your skills with examples of how you used those skills to help you perform better in your last position. Use numbers and data if possible. The goal is to show an employer how you can contribute to his or her bottom line. Finally, tell a story about how you’ve grown over the years and honed your various capabilities.

3. How do you write the qualifications section of an entertainment resume?

Keep the qualifications section of your resume limited to six to eight bullet points of your most relevant skills. Refer to the job description for an idea of the type of skills the employer values and list those first. This will ensure your resume bypasses an ATS, or applicant tracking system, a program that scans resumes for relevant keywords before sending them along to the hiring manager. The entertainment resume sample does an excellent job of illuminating qualifications.

4. How do you describe achievements on your entertainment resume?

When you discuss your achievements, do so in the form of accomplishments. Instead of saying that you reported the nightly news, say that you helped the network achieve the number-one ranking for your particular time slot. Be specific and give numbers. If you earned an award or recognition in your last role, draw attention to it in your certifications and awards section.

5. Should you include references on an entertainment resume?

Unless specifically requested to do so, do not include references on your resume. Instead, draft a separate document and attach it to the email. You can also add it in the body of your email, beneath your signature. Keep in mind that it is common courtesy to request permission to use someone as a reference and to inform him or her each time you give out his or her information. Refer to this entertainment resume sample when you write your resume, or use the resume builder for industry-specific text examples and step-by-step instructions.

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