Resume Templates: Audio Video Technician


Starting a new job search can be overwhelming, but with a well-written resume, you should be able to get the audio video technician position you want. Remember that your resume gives you the opportunity to bring out your skills and professional accomplishments. Emphasize your abilities as they relate to the job you’re applying for.

Take note: An Audio video technician resume should include your education in the field and any direct experience you have. Remember to mention your knowledge of audio-video systems, installation, maintenance, and ability to work independently or on a team. Organize your attributes, experience, and education in a neat and orderly fashion so the employer will see the information without having to look for it.

Spend some time checking out our audio video technician resume templates for ideas on how to organize and write your own.

Resume Templates: Audio Video Technician

Audio Video Technician Resume Questions

1. How many bullet points do you include with each job in an audio video technician resume?

Resume professionals generally recommend using between four and eight bullet points for each position. However, this does not mean you need to come up with filler material just so you have another bullet point. Employers can usually tell if you are doing this and tend to get an unfavorable impression.

Take your cue from our audio video technician resume sample, where the applicant lists only three bullet points for an old position. If three bullet points accurately cover everything you need employers to know about that job, you do not need more.

2. What can you do to make your audio video technician resume stand out?

The best way to stand out during your job search is to consistently present yourself as the kind of candidate prospective employers seek. When composing your resume, this means tailoring your content and phrasing for each specific position and paying attention to the language in the job listing. You should also include important achievements and skills.

Visual appeal counts too. You can impress hiring managers before they start reading with a clean, professional design that makes your resume easy to skim.

3. How do you list schools in an audio video technician resume?

Unless you just graduated or are still in school, your education section belongs at the end of your resume. If, like the candidate in the audio video technician resume sample, you have extensive work experience, you do not need a lot of detail in this section. At a minimum, list the name and location of your school, the type of degree you obtained, your field of study, and the year you graduated.

Recent graduates or current students with little relevant work experience may choose to expand this section. Appropriate facts to add include relevant coursework, student activities, academic honors, and outstanding grades.

4. How do you write an audio video technician resume?

Several elements go into creating a stellar resume. You need a design that showcases your content. Headers and bullet points enhance readability and create smooth transitions between your sections. Following the correct resume structure can also help you organize your information and prioritize it.

Tools such as our audio video technician resume sample can make the writing process easier. You can also use our perfect resume builder for more personalized help with composition.

5. How do you write an objective statement for an audio video technician resume?

If you have solid experience as an audio video technician, you do not need an objective. Following the modern trend, lead instead with a professional summary. This paragraph should contain about three action-packed sentences encapsulating the qualities and achievements that make you stand out. Instead of telling employers what you expect to gain from getting this job, explain how hiring you can benefit the company.

However, if this is your first time applying for an audio video technician job, you may want to explain your goals in an objective statement. Your phrasing should emphasize the ways in which your goals align with the employer’s objectives for the position.

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Resume Text

Emilio Valentine100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010Cell: (555) SUMMARY Audio Video Technician with the extensive background and talent needed for setting up equipment for stage events. From design to implementation and troubleshooting, possess the exceptional knowledge of latest audio and visual components and equipment needed for creating professional and stunning presentations. HIGHLIGHTS
  • Audio, video and lighting systems
  • Stage presentations in prominent venues
  • Installation, repair, maintenance and removal of systems
  • Comfortable working alone or in teams
  • Physically fit for heavy lifting
  • Operate under minimal or no supervision
WORK EXPERIENCE March 2007 to Present Amble Technology & More, New Cityland, CA Audio Video Technician
  • Was involved in the design of the 2014 Fashion Show Week which went on to win several industry awards for set design.
  • Design, install, maintain and remove projectors and displays, surround sound receivers and speakers for live music events, fashion shows and sporting events.
  • Implemented IP-based systems such as LAN, home automation, CCTV, remote access, etc.
  • Set up TV and projectors, equipment and ramps, and assembled furniture.
  • Installed and trained users in AV systems.
March 2002 to January 2007 Masterson Systems & Consultants, New Cityland, CA Audio Video Technician
  • Designed, installed, maintained and removed audio and visual equipment for large concerts at major venues and sporting events.
  • Collaborated with sound technicians, directors, planners, etc., in the testing of microphones and sound components.
  • Operated systems during events.
EDUCATION 2006 University of California, New Cityland, CA Associate’s Degree, Audiovisual Technology